How to Find the Right Fencing for Your Yard

Fences are used in a wide variety of situations, from farms to subdivisions. Many homeowners find that a fence is a helpful addition to their yard. If you’re considering adding a fence, there are several decisions you will need to make. See more of this guide to help you make those important choices so that your fence works out for you.

Determine Your Purpose

The first thing you need to think about is why you are building a fence in the first place. Do you want to establish property lines? Are you hoping to contain pets or kids? Do you need enhanced security or privacy? Your answers to those questions will help you narrow down the exact fence type so that you can move ahead in the fence design process.

Consider Fence Types

There are countless types of fences on the market. There are tall, solid panels that provide 100% privacy. Chain link fencing is the tried and true choice for keeping pets at home. Ornamental fences can run from rustic split rails to iron. Each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance. Think about the purposes you’ve identified and determine which fence type will accomplish those goals most effectively.

Check Materials Costs

Your next step is to determine which material will be best for your chosen fence. Lumber prices can fluctuate dramatically, but other materials are more steady. Another important consideration is labor. Make sure that you don’t choose a material based strictly on its price but that you also consider the cost of installation. Click this link to get more information about affordable residential or commercial installation. If you’re considering doing the installation yourself, make sure you account for any tools or equipment you may need to rent.

Look Into Maintenance

The final step is upkeep. It’s one thing to get the fence put up, but it’s another thing altogether to keep it in good shape for years to come. Wooden fences, even those made of treated lumber, will need waterproofing, paint, and other upkeep. Vinyl fences never need paint, but the panels can be damaged by mowers and trimmers. Iron is incredibly durable, but surface corrosion can create unsightly stains that warrant regular repainting.

Getting a fence put up can do a lot of things for your home. It can improve its appearance, enhance security, and protect kids by keeping them from wandering into harm’s way. A well-planned fence project can achieve all those things and more without breaking your budget or adding hours of extra maintenance work each year.


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