How to Prepare Your Home for a Huge Birthday Party

Your birthday is supposed to be the most fun day of the year. Everyone loves you and you’re the centre of the universe. Well, as someone who works full-time, has two kids, and tries to maintain an active social life, I can’t relate. When it comes to preparing my birthday party, all of the work comes down to me. If I’ve learnt anything from the previous years, it’s that I won’t enjoy the party at all unless I’m efficient and organized. So, if you’re like me and love a good birthday party, here are some tips so you get more than just stress for your birthday.

1. Make a Plan

Before you start preparing anything, it’s important to sit down and make a plan. I usually do this a week in advance. This gives me seven days to get the party under wraps. Each day should be focused on something else so that I can achieve maximum productivity.

I also find that writing everything down and having a plan helps me stay on track and not forget anything.

2. Shop on Discounts

Party decoration is expensive. Since I like having a different theme every year and making things interesting, I don’t find it’s worth my while to spend a ton of money on décor each year. So I try discount stores or I look out for sales in the months before my birthday.

You’ll be surprised at how many amazing and quality items go on sale. Last year, I decorated the entire party under the budget thanks to the summer sale at my local shops. Thankfully, my theme last year was “under the sea.” If you have time, you can even make your own décor.

3. Hire a Cleaning Crew

I have to mail the invitations, make the cake, put up the décor, and still work and take care of the children. After all, daily life doesn’t cease to exist just because it’s my birthday. I’m also expecting a lot of guests so I want my house to be pristine. But, because my regular life isn’t paused, I have two options regarding cleaning: die trying or hire a cleaning crew.

After experiencing how futile the first option is first hand, I opted for a cleaning crew. Among other companies I was satisfied with over the years, I can recommend Nice and Clean for the job. They did the job really well, and hey, everything was spotless after the guests left, too.

4. Make a Shopping List

Just because I like making the food for my party by myself doesn’t mean I have to be the one to do the grocery shopping. Instead, I just create a detailed shopping list for my husband and the kids. This way, they get to feel involved, bond, and do something useful, while I get some much-needed help.

The shopping list should include specific products you need and like, as well as the exact measurements. This way you can be sure your family gets what you need even if you’re not there. While they’re doing the shopping, I can prepare the kitchen and start cooking and baking as soon as they come back.


Remember that this is your birthday and that you really should be the centre of your world for at least one day. Good organization will help you have a stress-free birthday that you’ll actually enjoy. There won’t be a need to worry about things going wrong or having too much to do when the party works like clockwork. As someone who’s spent years figuring out how to throw the perfect party and spare myself the stress, trust me when I say that organization is key.

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