How to Plan a Party that Kids and Adults Will Enjoy

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time outside with your family and friends. It’s also a great time for parties. Organising one just for adults is quite easy, but finding a good babysitter may come as an obstacle for many parents. If you’re thinking about throwing a party for both kids and adults but you’re unsure if it’s really challenging as it may seem, don’t worry. It’s easier than you might think. With the right tips, you’ll provide great entertainment for everyone on the guest list and inspire your friends to do the same. Here are some useful ideas that will help you become a master planner of family-friendly parties.

1. Choose a transgenerational theme.

Themes make parties fun and easier to plan. The best is to stick to those that are non-gender and non-age specific like Tropical Summer, White Winter, Animals, Nature, and similar. That way, both adults and kids can enjoy it, and maybe even get inspired to dress accordingly. If you have a creative block, go online and look for some inspiring ideas on Pinterest or similar websites. You will also find some great decoration supplies you can order online. Your theme will also influence food choices, activities, music, and decoration. Speaking of music, make sure it’s lively and something everyone (including kids) will enjoy.

2. Make the activities simple and fun.

When planning a family-friendly party, one thing that will require extra attention are activities for children. Sure, you want to make them as fun as possible, but you don’t want parents to be engaged in those the whole time. That’s why you should choose the activities that don’t require a lot of adult help. A fantastic solution to this is to hire professionals who specialise in kids party entertainment. They’ll provide face artistry, balloon twisting, and many other wonderful activities for the little ones. Knowing that your children are not only safe but also having a great time will enable you to do the same.  

3. Child-friendly menu.

Your drink and food choices should follow the main theme of the party. First thing you should do is set two tables, one for adults and one for kids. Although you can save some refined bites like salmon pate for adults, try to keep children happy by serving things they crave the most. Burgers, chips, hot dogs, mini pizzas are something most children won’t turn down. Decorate their table and make it super fun and easy for them to help themselves throughout the party. In order to avoid messiness, stick to juice drink cartons instead of glasses.

4. Safety first.

Child-proofing is necessary when throwing a party for families. Firstly, you want children to be safe and that means avoiding all the possible ways they can cut or hurt themselves. If you have a home pool, make sure to put a fence around it if it’s not in use. Remove anything fragile that kids could break in a play and consequently hurt themselves. By doing this, you’re not only protecting the youngest party attendees, but you’re also taking care of your own fond possessions.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

And finally, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Yes, planning and organising a family party can be overwhelming, but what’s the point of doing all that if you’re not going to have fun. Having professionals to entertain the kids, or a couple of babysitters will leave adults free to engage in their own activities. Whether it’s a barbeque and cold beer, or something fancier, spending time with your friends always feels good. Without children calling your name every 2 seconds, you’ll manage to have a giggle and catch up on the lost time.

What all these tips have in common is that you want to keep all the aspects of your party as simple as possible. You want kids to have a good time without parents and vice versa. Since they need different types of activities, make sure you provide the entertainment. By making the party kid-safe and kid-friendly, parents will enjoy themselves more, that’s for sure. Remember, good planning and a positive attitude are keys to organising a great family-friendly party.

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