How to Exit a Timeshare Contract

The timeshare business in the U.S. hovers at around $10 billion with more than 200,000 units. However, sometimes after buying a timeshare, you might discover that a timeshare contract is not for you. If you feel stuck about how to get out of a timeshare contract, there is help. 

There are several ways to cancel a timeshare contract, including hiring a professional and using a rescission period. Canceling a timeshare contract can be a significant relief – both personally and financially! Here’s more on how to get out of a timeshare contract.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional can give you the experience of canceling a timeshare contract when you have nowhere else to turn. A skilled expert knows the ins and outs to get you out of a timeshare contract if you want to instantly sell

Professionals will present all of your options and give you the best advice when canceling a timeshare contract. Experts know the strategies your timeshare contract owner will use to force you to keep from getting out of your timeshare contract. Lawyers are experts at reading and understanding these situations! Be sure to look for a reputable business. Read online reviews to make certain other customers are satisfied with severing their timeshare contract.

Use the Rescission Period

Shortly after you purchased your timeshare contract, are you having second thoughts? Use the rescission period to get out of your timeshare. Laws differ from state to state but could be a lifesaver. There are many reasons to sell a timeshare shortly after purchase. Perhaps you didn’t read the fine print or realized it was more than you could afford. In addition, you might be a victim of hidden fees. It’s best to know your rights. Learn how long you have until you can quickly sell a timeshare. If you can’t find it in your timeshare contract, check your state law.

Contact the Developer

Get on the phone and contact the developer of the timeshare. The developer may simply allow you to walk away from the contract – no questions asked. You may lose money in the process, but you also might save yourself a number of headaches.

You might be able to take advantage of a ‘deed back program’ or ‘surrender program.’ The developer may typically offer these types of ways to get out of your timeshare when the time is right. Developers may realize it’s not worth the trouble to fight and can quickly sell it to another owner. 

Exiting Your Timeshare Contract

There are several ways to exit your timeshare contract, including hiring a professional and using the rescission period. In addition, you may also want to contact the developer director to end your timeshare contract. Don’t let a timeshare strangle your financial future! There are ways to exit quickly and safely!  If you found this article helpful, find more information about real estate and homes on our website.  

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