How to Create Stunning Curb Appeal Year Round

Curb appeal is something we all consider when viewing a home and property from the sidewalk. Gorgeous curb appeal allows your place to stand out, have excellent value and to become the envy of the neighborhood. There are multiple ways to create this appeal from the curb without breaking your budget.

Put Up A Fence

When you have a new fence installed on your property, you’re not only defining the area that is yours but more importantly, adding depth and allowing your yard to appear larger.

Fences come in all kinds of shapes, materials, and heights and offer privacy, charm and a welcome boundary between your private space and a busy street.

Create Front Door Interest

Something as simple as a brightly painted front door can add instant polish to your home’s exterior. It is inexpensive and brings personality to your property.

For instance, a vivid red door helps a home to stand out next to the neutral siding. A black door would complement a lighter colored home.

Unexpected shades like pink or yellow can immediately draw the eye to your home’s exterior.

Manicure Your Lawn

If there’s one key to exquisite curb appeal, it’s a clean, crisp, green lawn. Without it, your property suffers and looks rather sad and untidy. An amazing lawn really ties the rest of your landscaping together.

Trying to grow and maintain a healthy lawn isn’t always easy, but artificial turf is an excellent option that delivers the look and feel of real grass without tons of time wasted in watering, fertilizing, mowing and weeding.

Smooth The Driveway

There is nothing worse than seeing a pretty property and a less than attractive driveway and/or pathways crumbling in disrepair. A new hardtop speaks volumes for your front exterior and adds neatness.

Cement, stone, and pavement will crack over time, but replacing these pathways instantly freshens up your curb appeal.

Light Up The Front

Outdoor lighting is another beautiful method for putting your home and property in the spotlight and creating that attractive, visual gateway.

Landscape lighting not only looks lovely, but it offers added security to your private space. For instance, pathway lights illuminate walkways and enhance a home’s structure and design.


Curb Appeal can be achieved for any property big or small. These subtle changes add value to your home, make an inviting image and allow your place to stand out.

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