Sliding Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Sliding doors can experience many problems, including issues with locks, frames, tracks, and wheels. Follow the tips below to get your sliding doors back in working order. Simple cleaning and adjusting rollers may be all you need to fix the problem. If none of these methods works, you may have to replace the sliding door latch.

Repairing sliding doors

If your sliding door doesn’t glide smoothly, you may need to fix its track. The screws in the top portion of the door can be removed with hefty pliers, and the door can be adjusted with a metal file. You may also need to remove the door from its frame.

In some cases, the track is the culprit. For example, a dirty roller or door track can cause the door to malfunction. If the tracks are clogged with dirt, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a wire brush to remove the dirt. However, cleaning the track is only a temporary solution. A professional from Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound can inspect your door and fix it before it becomes a costly repair. The problem may also be due to a damaged roller or a broken track.

Adjusting sliding door rollers

To adjust the sliding door rollers, you must first remove the unit from the frame. Then, remove the bottom track, and replace it with a wooden block. Then, screw in the new rollers. Once they are tight, you can turn the adjustment screws counterclockwise to raise them. Next, vacuum the track and clean it with paraffin wax when you are finished. Then, reinstall the sliding unit to a more stable position.

You can adjust the rollers on both sides of the door. First, lift the door panel and remove its weight to adjust both sides. After that, use a screwdriver to tighten the adjustment screw. Make sure the screwdriver is long enough to reach both sides of the door. Depending on the assembly, you may need to turn the adjustment screw the other way. The adjustment screw will turn easier when you raise the door a bit. However, do not raise the door too much as this could cause the bottom to move sideways.

Cleaning sliding door track

Cleaning your sliding door’s track is one way to improve its performance. A dirty track will cause your door to slide slower than usual and make it hard to push or pull. A stiff-bristled brush will help you clean the track and prevent the accumulation of debris. Use warm soapy water to scrub the track and lubricate the hinges to prevent further dirt buildup. This periodic maintenance is also beneficial for the longevity of the door.

A deep cleaning process is required to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime. First, you should remove the door from the track. After that, clean the rollers using a cleaning solution. Then, using a cloth, wipe away the cleaning solution. Finally, wipe away any remaining cleaning solution and grime. After cleaning, you can replace the door. Finally, the sliding door should open and close smoothly once again.

Replacing sliding door latch

When you replace the latch in your sliding door, you need to ensure that the replacement will fit your existing locking cylinder. The replacement latch will have notches that allow you to snap off any extra length easily. The panel will also have to be parallel to the jamb for the lock to engage properly. You can check for any of these problems by following the steps in Seattle garage door repairs.

The sliding door latch is made of glass and is generally a pin tumbler type. Over time, the lock mechanism can get jammed due to debris or other problems. Replacing the latch is easy with a screwdriver and a replacement door latch. 


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