5 Essentials for Your Home Demolition and Remodel Project

Some homeowners choose to remodel their dwellings so extensively that some demolition is a necessary part of the process. Even relatively simple changes to a home can take some time to get right, but alterations on this scale tend to be complex. It is important to have the proper tools or supplies with you before you start making any renovations to your house.

Hand Tools

A project like this means that you’ll need to pull, pry, cut, scrape, or outright smash many things along the way. Collecting a good set of tools for these purposes in advance can save you time and energy later. While there isn’t one ideal list to turn to, consider items such as hammers, crowbars, industrial-grade trash bags, chisels, and a vacuum. Even buckets can have their uses in the event of a plumbing fiasco.

Measuring Instruments

A remodel means that you’re going to want to install different things into the home once you remove the old bits. One efficient way to start your project is to take out big items like kitchen cabinetry. Once you remove these pieces, you’ll want measuring tape to get the dimensions of your empty space and see what kinds of new things can fit there.


Having a plan in place for your refuse is a crucial part of any home demolition or remodeling project. Most people don’t have large containers that they can use to store the bigger items that they need to move out of the place. You can rent any dumpsters or skips you might need to handle the refuse you’ll be taking out. Companies specializing in these services offer skips in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They will also come pick up the full receptacle when it needs to be emptied.


Many tools have special sensors inside them to help you locate things. During this project, you need to know where some things are for both clarity and safety. Use these instruments to find wall studs, electrical cables, and pipes.


Even with a big skip outside, you’ll probably need to cut up several things to make it easier to get them out of the house. Both manual and powered saws can help you deal with large boards and other things that would be difficult to get through doorways or dispose of otherwise.


A project on this scale might seem daunting before you begin the work. However, having the right equipment in your corner before taking these first steps can give you some of the assurances that you need to get things done. There is no getting around the fact that some of the remodeling will be gross, but this is also a chance to give your home a deep, effective clean in addition to the new look.

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