How Assisted Housing Communities Can Help With Memory

When it comes to seeking out assisted housing for our parents, we will want to find them somewhere that they will not only feel comfortable and safe but a place where their minds and bodies can be stimulated. This is where companies such as Minnesota Memory Care can help. They offer a service that includes looking after people’s memories as well as their bodies. Old age is known to have a significant effect on memory and certain conditions such as dementia are known to exacerbate them. However, a guiding hand is available by way of the three E’s – Encouragement, Expertise, and Education. This article will explore all three of these as evidence that our memories, or those of our relatives, can be helped in assisted housing situations.


To stimulate memories, care providers will come up with activities that engage seniors. This will include the kinds of activities that will help with memory. If you are a son or a daughter, then you will want your parent’s memory to remain alert or to be improved so that they can enjoy more things and remember the happy times that you shared in earlier years. If you are a senior making the early decision to enter assisted housing, then be assured that there will be an encouragement and that you will not be on your own when it comes to being supported.

An activity encouraged will be for a reason. For instance, jigsaw puzzles help with short-term memory. They can improve a person’s memory by reinforcing the connections between their brain cells and by improving their mental speed. Also, jigsaw puzzles will improve visual-spatial reasoning. Of course, there is nothing to stop someone of senior years from buying a jigsaw puzzle from themself or their relatives from buying one, but it can often require someone professionally trained to help engage a senior to want to complete the jigsaw puzzle. For example, there will be some that see jigsaw puzzles as a pointless exercise because once you have put it together, you only break it up again. It is, however, all about choosing subjects that will engage an individual by being a subject that will trigger long-lost memories. Those trained will know from detailed discussions they have had with the individual, what those subjects are likely to be.

Seniors who danced in the past can be encouraged to dance again. This is an activity that will trigger memories of perhaps ballroom dancing in the past or of meeting their partner. The music itself may also stir up memories. As a more strenuous activity, it will be good for physical health, too.


Other activities might include those that involve socializing, such as playing games like Scrabble or cards. The first one builds vocabulary and the second helps with alertness and numeracy skills. The alternative to being competitive is loneliness and nobody wants to feel that. Instead, with assisted housing residents can feel part of a community as if they were still in their own homes as before. This is because they are in their own home as opposed to being in full-time care and perhaps being looked after and completely controlled by someone else. The health and support will be there as well as the education that keeps a mind healthy. For a mind to remain alert, focused, and remember things, it needs regular stimulation, and professionals skilled in that area are the perfect people to help with that. Relatives can have peace of mind in that fact.


There is no substitute for a trained professional helping your loved one with their memory. There is so much you can do as a relative but so much more that they can do with years of experience in the field. These professional memory-trained carers will know all the tricks when it comes to memory stimulation and which activities work best for memory stimulation and why. They will have past studies to relate to that help them to know this. An understanding of how the brain works, psychology, and body language, are all essential to knowing how best to treat someone. They are all inter-connected and need to work together, just like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle mentioned earlier. These areas when all considered together will assist a professional in improving an individual’s memory function.


So, do not delay, start seeking out assisted housing for your relative or loved one. It will not only be somewhere that they can feel comfortable but also somewhere they can be stimulated mentally so that they can lead as fulfilling a life as they had when they were younger, and had you growing up alongside them.

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