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Crochet is one of the most popular needlework crafts in the country. There are books, magazines, conventions, clubs and merchandise all dedicated to the art of crochet. Most people who have taken it up as a hobby have attested to its relaxing and meditative properties as it enables you to focus on your needlework and it distracts the mind from overthinking and combats anxiety. It is mostly a repetitive movement, with just a hook, ball of yarn and the many crochet stitches that make up the patterns and project that you want to complete.

Learning how to do crochet however is another thing, much like playing the piano or painting, it requires eye to hand coordination and if you are not adept at this, it may take a lot of practice hours to be able to master the skill.

A lot of people know how to crochet since it was actually taught in schools before, but now that it is not, then the number of people who know how have dwindled. So if you are interested in doing crochet or you just want to find something new to do, then it is about time to learn crochet stitches for beginners. 

What is Crochet? 

Crochet is an old form of needle art, it involves a crochet hook and a yarn. You need to make stitches using the hook and yarn, and through a series of stitches, and linking them, you begin to create a project and be able to make scarves, shawls, sweaters, skirts, curtains and drapes. The appeal of crochet rests in the idea that you are able to create something out of a hook and a ball of yarn. It takes about a few hours to complete a project and for those who do it on their own pace, it may take weeks and months. There is also something to be said about crocheting for others, when you make something to give to others as presents, you are not only giving out joy but also doing something good for your soul. A crochet project is not just a piece of clothing or accessories but it is also part of who you are, when you give it away, you are also giving a part of yourself. Learning crochet stitches for beginners, so you can experience for yourself the healing effect of crocheting. Crochet is still popular and has a strong following all over the world, the most number of people who do it are actually those advanced in age. It is for this matter that crochet may soon become a dying craft if not many people learn it anymore. 

Where To Learn Crochet Stitches for Beginners? 

Since crochet was taught in schools before, if you could find materials from libraries and your local schools, then pretty sure you can find a lot of magazines, books and even  patterns from them. On the other hand, if you belong to the younger generation, doing this work might be off putting and will make you less inclined to learn crochet stitches for beginners. There are quite a number of crochet tutorials on the web, and there are also a lot of styles and approaches, that it can be confusing at times. The key however is to choose a tutorial video that has some support or where you can contact the content creator to ask any questions of clarifications. The only way to learn crocheting is to actually do it, so you can watch all the tutorial videos out there but it would be difficult to learn from just watching it. You need to invest in a crochet hook and a ball of yarn and start practicing how to do the stitches even if it means having to play the videos frame by frame. If you do not like the videos, there are also tutorial books, where you can learn step by step how to crochet stitches for beginners. An important resource would be online groups or clubs on crochet, you can ask to be a member and have the group help you to find a class or a tutorial or maybe someone would be kind enough to teach you. 

What Materials Are Needed To Learn Crochet Stitches for Beginners? 

As with every crocheting project, all you need to start doing crochet is a hook and a ball of yarn, and of course a project pattern. Before you can work on a project however, you need to master the crochet stitches for beginners, these set of crochet stitches will enable you to work on simple projects or to practice so that when you gain more confidence, you can begin to take on the more complex and difficult projects. But just like complex skills, you need to master the basics before you can actually go to the more difficult ones. So invest in a good hook and a cheap ball of yarn since you will be just practicing on it. No need to bust the bank with expensive hand woven yarns, save this for the more special projects in the future. When you practice, you can work on just one ball of yarn, and then repeat the stitches a couple of times until you get the hang of it, then continue with the other stitches. Every crochet project starts with a chain stitch, so make sure to master this with the right tightness.

Where to Buy Crochet Materials? 

Everything you want to buy can probably be found in the internet, and crochet materials are not an exception. Look for online shops that specialize on crocheting materials, and most would have a section devoted to beginners, so this is where you look. Some may even have beginners kits, this are often on sale since most shops would also want more people to learn how to crochet as this keeps them in business. Look for an online shop that has a wide array of products and materials, also check their prices and see if there are marked differences in the prices per item or per online seller. Check their delivery rates too and whether they offer free shipping or discounts on multiple purchases. Some shops also host clubs or crocheting groups, you might also want to try them out too. 


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