Have Aging Parents? How to Give Them the Care They Need

Just as their kids grow up and are ready to launch, many families face another challenge: caring for aging parents. Providing the right type of help for elderly parents can vary depending on each person’s need and the relatives’ ability to be supportive. Fortunately, many kinds of public support are available to assist senior citizens at every level.

Check-In Assistance

Older loved ones who are occasionally forgetful or are dealing with a health condition may need a little extra help. You can offer to stop by occasionally or frequently to see how things are going and assist with medication, meals, or doctor visits. Caring for their pets and doing a load of laundry keeps things running smoothly while maintaining an older parent’s independence and self-reliance. If your loved one’s condition changes, the type and frequency of check-in visits can be adjusted, or another level of care may be needed.

Home Care

Ageing parents who become frail or more dependent may require home care to meet their changing needs. You may want to hire a professional home health care service to assist your parent with household and personal care needs. A visiting nurse service can be utilized for home visits several times a week if your parent is convalescing from a major illness or injury, or the person has ongoing medical or physical needs.

Move-In Support

If the situation changes and your parent needs closer monitoring, you could move into your parent’s home temporarily to provide extra support. Another option is for your parents to relocate to your home for reliable care of their health needs and to eliminate the household chores they would do at their own home. Providing consistent care gives an older person a sense of security and wellbeing along with socialization and peace of mind.

Assisted Living

If you or your family are unable to provide live-in support for an aging parent, you can discuss moving your mom or dad into an assisted living facility. Similar to an independent apartment or condo, assisted living offers private efficiency-type rooms or one-bedroom apartments to seniors who can generally take care of themselves but need some oversight or guidance. With meals and snacks provided as well as socialization and entertainment programs, elderly parents enjoy being with others of their generation while staying connected to family members through visits, phone calls, and social media.

Caring for your aging parent can be managed in various ways. Start exploring the options that will work best for your loved ones when additional help is needed.

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