Grow Gorgeous Lashes and Brows with Eye Wonder by MONAT

If you’ve been on social media lately, I’ve bet you’ve heard the buzz about MONAT Haircare products. They are taking the beauty industry by storm and for good reason. 

Besides a luxurious line of hair care items, MONAT also offers lash and growth enhancing serum called Eye Wonder. If you’ve worn mascara for any length of time you know what happens to your lashes. They can become brittle and break or fall out. 

My light brown lashes and brows were hard to notice before using Eye Wonder. I had tweezed my brows so much that they had stopped growing altogether. I used to have a bad habit of penciling in my brows and then shaping them with a tweezer. I don’t recommend doing that, ladies! 

Thankfully, after using Eye Wonder, my lashes are more even, fuller, and a little longer. After using Eye Wonder for one week, I could actually see an entire row of baby lashes growing. I could feel the prickly “baby” lashes with my fingers and eventually as the grew, they intertwined with my other lashes making a beautiful row of thick lashes. 

Wait, there’s more! I used the Eye Wonder serum on my eyebrows also, especially on the gaps where the brow hair wouldn’t grow. I am amazed to tell you that I had to tweeze my eyebrows for the first time in years the other day! 

Using Eye Wonder by MONAT has given me more self-confidence. I’ve left the house to go shopping without any makeup several times. I don’t feel the need to pencil my eyebrows in or wear mascara every time I leave the house. It is truly liberating. 

I bet you’re wondering, how does it work? Eye Wonder contains an active ingredient called Capixyl, which is known for its remarkable ability to stimulate new hair growth. 

 Regain your self-confidence.

Learn how you can experience the MONAT difference for yourself.

Contact an independent distributor HERE & ask about the VIP Customer Program! 


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  1. You just cannot really see my eyelashes even with mascara. This product sounds like something my lashes could use. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. Wow, you can definitely tell the difference in the two pictures! My lashes could use some TLC like that!

  3. great to see there is a product that can help for those of us with little and broken lashes

  4. My lashes used to be long and thick but the older I got the thinner they got. This product looks promising

  5. I’ve always wanted to try a lash/brow serum. My eyelashes fall out so quickly I think this would help them grow back in.

  6. Wow. I have always figured that things like this basically are the same as just using mascara, but your review helped me see the error of my thinking. Thank you!

  7. You can see the difference this product made on the eyelashes. There is hope for us with sparse lashes!

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