Essential Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Spring

“Yay! Winter is almost over!” – screams our skin, fed up with having to choose between being dry and being smothered in heavy-duty moisturizers.

It’s true. Our skin suffers in winter more than in other seasons, because the cold weather and the harsh winds constantly dry it out, and the artificial heating indoors isn’t helping either, because in the winter the air around us when we are indoors is usually a lot drier than during the rest of the year. But with the winter slowly passing by, we should start preparing our skin for the seasons that lie ahead.


Ditch that heavy moisturizing cream that you had to slather your face in every morning and every night so your skin would stay hydrated! As it starts to get warmer, your skin doesn’t need as much moisturizer to stay healthy. This doesn’t mean that you can skip moisturizer, but you can switch to something much lighter and let your skin breathe.

We all know that you should put on sunscreen during the entire year. Often our sunscreen is a part of our primer, foundation or moisturizer, but it’s important that we don’t skip it. If you live somewhere where it snows a lot in the winter, you’ve probably been using high SPF creams even in wintertime to protect yourself from reflected sunlight. And you should always adjust your sunscreen to your surroundings, no matter where you are or what season it is. Just like when spring comes around the corner you should start increasing the SPF of your products because the sun is on its way and your skin needs protection!

Make sure you don’t forget your head! Trim the dry and split ends of your hair and invest in a nice moisturizing mask.

If you want to have your legs smooth and ready for shorts season, now’s the time to start with laser hair removal sessions, if that is your hair removal choice, because your skin will need some time to relax after it and before it’s exposed to direct sunlight. So, get ready for summer in time and start shedding the winter fur.


Swap your winter makeup for brighter shades, lighter foundations and darker bronzers, because when spring hits, you’ll want to be ready to take it head on and proudly display all the colors of the rainbow in your pallets and your skin is going to want to feel that fresh air, so make sure you don’t cover it up with anything too heavy!

Of course, don’t forget to take it all off when you don’t need it and remoisturize your skin afterward!


No amount of highlighter can ever reproduce a healthy glow that you have when you are fully hydrated and healthy, so make sure that you drink enough water, eat well and exercise regularly! Try tracking your water intake to make sure you’ve had enough, but don’t limit yourself with the “8 glasses per day” rule because water comes from the food we eat as well!

Remember that your mental state reflects on your body, so try and get a lot of sleep and spend some time each day taking care of yourself, whether it’s meditation, yoga, a run or just a peaceful reading session with a warm cup of tea.

So, take care of your skin, because not only is it the largest and most visible organ of our body, but also because through doing that you’re taking care of your hair, nails and everything else. Get ready, because spring is almost here and your skin deserves a proper head start!

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