Goliath Games are Giant Fun #Review

Giant Fun This Christmas With Goliath Games

This Christmas get some fun-filled games to put under the tree.  These games from Goliath are sure to be family game night favorites long after the Christmas season is past.  Forget TV, and video games: Pull up a chair and spend quality time together playing a strategy game like Rummikub, or a funny game like Googly Eyes.

Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes is a crazy fun family game that challenges your vision, and then makes you draw.  You wear vision-altering glasses and draw while your team has to guess what you are making.  There are three different lenses that range from mild changes to lenses where you can barely see.  Each player gets a chance to draw and this drawing game is good across many different age levels because the glasses equal the playing field.

This game was quite funny.  We were all giggling about how the glasses were way before we even drew one line.  Plus the game was easy to play, you just roll the dice and move your pawn.  The color you land on shows you what item on the card you draw.  Then you do the best you can with silly vision distorting glasses.  My children and I really had fun with this game.    

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

This game was a take off of the TV show I used to watch when I was a kid.  The game sounded technical in the instructions, but was actually very understandable once we dove in.  You have certain cards and you have to figure out where Carmen is and her crime location, and loot.  Similar to clue and fun to play.  Plus it gives you some light geography facts.  My son’s favorite part was the Theme song that the instruction book actually played when you opened it.  Therefore I have heard the song multiple times since we played as he sings it throughout the house.


This is one of my all time favorite games and I have fond memories of playing it with my grandmother while growing up.  Since then I have taught my children, Uncle and Aunt, and several friends how to play.  This popular game is easy to learn, fast moving, and combines luck of the draw with skill.  Therefore it is a great addition to your family games.

 Stuff Happens

This card game is geared to ages 13 and up.  There are cards you read, and there are awful events on the cards.  You then rank the situations, and if the Misery Index concurs with your ranking, you get to keep the card.  Whoever collects ten cards wins.  Is seeing your dad naked better or worse than a 3rd degree sunburn, or dropping your phone in the toilet?  There are 200 cards to play, and this game is fun especially for an adult game night, or a teen night.

Which of these games will you get first to start, a fun tradition of game night.  Your kids are growing up fast, take time to play with them so they will have great memories to pass along to their children in the future.

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