Garden Decking: Why Composite Deck Boards Are So Popular

Any home or business such as in the entertainment or recreational industry i.e. hotels, spas, wellness centers, fitness centers, and gyms, which must either have a swimming pool for health reasons or choose to have one for personal preferences, knows how important not only is the structure of the pool to the owner but also the surrounding areas which need to be accessible, safe and easy to maintain.

For the best options the decking, which is the area around the pool or body of water, will need to be made of a suitable material so as not to get spoilt, broken, or weakened easily from traffic or people walking on it, weather conditions and other factors. One such popular and highly recommended materials are known as “composite decking”, which is created using a combination of various materials such as hardwood, recycled plastic, and other durable materials.

You can typically choose from either the hollow version or the solid one.  The solid one looks very similar to wood and is much heavier than the hollow one. The solid one will over time, expand and sometimes it may contract depending on the weather conditions outside. 

There are three types of these, namely polypropylene-based, non-wood plastics, and polyethylene-based. You can read up on some further information here, to get an idea of what all three types entail. 

They look at a traditional wood deck and make for an aesthetically pleasing environment, that is easily kept neat and clean with just one spray or a hose or a wipe down. Below we have included some of the most obvious benefits of getting this either upgraded from your existing one or changing it entirely.      

Advantages of Upgrading to Composite Decking

Typically when choosing the right type of covering for your space, you may need to consider a few things such as durability, ease of use, low maintenance, perhaps color, and budget, to name a few things If you trying to make sure things are in tip-top shape around your pool, a composite deck will fill that gap for you. There are a few good benefits of having one and we have included these below for you.

 It Is a Low Maintenance Option. Having a pool area is one thing, keeping it in its best condition is a whole other story, but with a few tips and tricks, you can easily maintain your space without even lifting a finger. Similarly, to use an automatic pool robot that does all the cleaning for you, instead of getting down on all fours and grinding away with a hard bristle brush. Getting the right decking installed, can be an automatic maintenance plan for yourself. It looks after itself. 

This trend has been known to last almost 15 years before it needs any type of replacement. Who wouldn’t want that type of life-span? They are one of the most durable options on the market and do not get affected by external weather conditions either. The easiest way to keep it clean is by using normal cleaning agents and a water hose off any debris, leaves, mud, or grit that may have fallen on it, every couple of weeks. 

Best Warranties. The majority of manufacturers and companies that sell this option have the best warranties that come with them too. Although this is not that necessary because they would be using some of the best technologies to create them. However, for some extra peace of mind, some of them provide a 30-year warranty and even a 50-year one. Included would be free replacement or repairs from the manufacturers so you don’t have much to worry about.

In any case, this component is highly resistant to fading, scratching, mold, cracking, or rotting. If you have children or pets, this would be a good choice because they don’t get splinters either. 

Cost-Effective. We have saved the best for last. One of the best advantages of this material is that it is highly cost-effective to have this instead of all the other options that may be pricey and hard to maintain in the long run. The first time it may cost you a little extra to get everything constructed properly and fitted by professionals such as Composite Decking Ireland. Once it’s done properly, and in perfect condition, after that, it is smooth sailing.  

If you consider the cost of maintenance and the life span of one of these, i.e. how long before you may need to replace it, or repair it, these always come out on top of other alternatives such as tile, concrete, or stone. 

We hope the above has given some insight into what you will be getting when you take on this choice for our home or business. 

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