Something Old for Something New: Using Reclaimed Materials in Home Renovations

Renovating a home can be a gigantic project. There’s many different factors to consider and decisions to make. One thing you should always consider is whether or not to use reclaimed materials during your renovation. Doing so can help to slash your budget and lower your project’s carbon footprint at the same time. With that in mind, below are just a few of the ways you can integrate reclaimed materials into your home’s renovation.

Windows and Doors

Two of the easiest items to find on the market reclaimed are windows and doors. Many buildings that have been condemned or been placed on schedule for demolition had perfectly usable windows and doors that were removed so they could be recycled. However, the difficult part of this equation is finding the right size. Fitting them into where you need them may take some extra adjustments.


Reclaimed lumber is another thing you should certainly consider looking for. There are almost limitless things you can use such lumber for in a home renovation project. If you have enough of it, you can create beautiful wood flooring at a fraction of the price. You can use it to add decorative elements to a wall. You can use it to construct shelving or even furniture. 

There are so many options to choose from. Talk to Old World Lumber Company or another company that has old and reclaimed wood for advice and ideas for using reclaimed lumber in your renovation.

Brick and Tile

Reclaimed brick and tile are also in abundance and can add a very attractive worn look you won’t get from new materials. You could use reclaimed brick to create a new walkway to and from your home. Tile, of course, could be used as flooring in a bathroom. You could also use either to add decorative accents to a wall that looked boring and barren before. You could even use reclaimed tile to create a new kitchen countertop.

Bathtubs and Sinks

Something else perfectly functional that can be removed from an old building is a sink. The same is true for a bathtub. In many ways, using reclaimed bathtubs and sinks may create better results for your project than using new ones. Old craftsmanship and materials often can’t be matched when compared to the new items on the market. A cast iron bathtub, for example, will do a much better job of retaining the heat of hot water than a tub made out of fiberglass.

There are many benefits to using natural materials. They can bring down the budget of your project, and they are environmentally friendly. Sometimes, they are even stronger and more durable than what you might find in a home improvement store. Consider different ways you can integrate reclaimed materials into your home renovation.

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