Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed

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When temperatures start cooling down, you usually cover up the pool and wait until Spring returns. Instead, you might think about cozying up and having your first fire of the season instead of jumping in the pool. 

If you’re lucky, you may have a heated or indoor pool, but that is less common. But doesn’t it seem like a crying shame to keep the pool you work so hard on hidden for an entire season? 

The good news is even if you winterize your pool for the season, there are still ways to make pool plans for the wintertime. Let’s look at fun ideas for winter while the pool is closed! 

Make Your Pool Holiday-Ready

Give your pool a festive look by dressing it up the same way you dress up your house for the holidays. Adding string or floaty lights to your pool is a terrific way to brighten your backyard. 

Laser-style lights that illuminate the entire backyard are a great idea that’s also relatively cost-effective too. 

You can also add inflatable Santa Claus or reindeer floats to your pool in the form of snowmen and reindeer. The backyard can be transformed into a holiday wonderland if you want to go all out. Depending on your tastes, your pool can be decked out however you like!

Bring The Family Together For A Movie Night Under The Stars.

In recent years, pool owners have become enthralled with “Dive In” movies. But, of course, you can have fun with an outdoor movie night that is dry all year long too. So think about how much you’ll have watching a movie outside the pool with the screen in the pool. 

This perfect outdoor family activity uses the pool without getting in it! Instead, take turns to see who chooses the movies, and include other fun activities! 

A Holiday Dinner At The Poolside Is The Perfect Way To Spend The Holidays.

When it comes to dining outside, there’s never a wrong time, but during the holidays, the experience can be even more magical as a result of the holidays. You will be able to enjoy your pool and backyard even more if you have decorated them for the occasion. 

No matter what style you choose for your meal – whether it’s a picnic table and umbrella with string lights or tablecloths and place settings – you can make it as elegant or as simple as you wish. Then, after eating and hosting outside, you won’t have to clean up your dining room!

Make The Most Of Your Pool During The Holiday Season By Taking Pictures.

Although it may be too cold to go swimming, you and your family can still take a picture of everyone on your mailing list wearing their swimsuits and Santa Claus hats even though it may be too cold to go swimming.

Make memories that last a lifetime by posting your winter pool pics on social media. Include specific hashtags that you usually use for your family and some special holiday-themed ones that you make up. 

Make Your Pool A Winter Wonderland With A Winter Pool Party.

It is sometimes too cold for you to be outside, regardless of the weather conditions, even if it is too cold to swim. Winter and fall are the perfect seasons to enjoy the outdoors without sweating too much! 

Considering this, the space around your pool is an excellent place for entertaining your friends and family and hosting parties and gatherings. But, of course, there is always a chance that someone will jump in the pool regardless, so you never know!

The area around the pool can also be decorated for different holidays or be made seasonal based on the season. There are many ways you can make your pool area feel like the holidays have arrived by lighting around the pool area. To prepare for Thanksgiving, you can decorate your garden or landscape with fall-colored garland and pumpkins. 

Put up a few twinkling strands of lights around your pool area during Christmas and watch the spirit of the season come alive around you. Next, add lights and ornaments to the trees and bushes to give them a festive look. Then, as you sit back and enjoy your outdoor oasis, break out the hot cocoa (or hot toddies, if you prefer) and cheer your friends on.

Whatever you choose to do, make the most out of your beautiful yard and pool with these great winter pool ideas. Always remember to keep things safe – Kids are at risk of poolside incidents, and things can get out of hand, especially when alcohol is involved – have fun but stay safe! 

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