Four Parts of the Body You May Forget to Look After

With endless material in magazines, on television, and through fitness influencers on social media, it is not difficult to find a million different ways you should be looking after your body. 

With so much information around, it can be difficult to know what to focus on or which exercises and diet plans suit you personally. Another adverse effect of this fitness saturation is that there are several parts of the body frequently missed out. 


The throat is essential for speech and swallowing, so it is slightly strange that few people take special care of it. Taking care of the throat involves keeping it free from bacteria by using cleansing mouthwash, taking care not to burn or freeze it with scolding food or ice-cold drinks, and trying not to swallow excessively course substances by masticating properly. There are several forms of swallowing conditions, known as dysphagia, which can prevent easy and healthy swallowing. If you are experiencing dysphagia symptoms, seek medical advice and consider how you can make your food and drink easier to swallow – a popular method is the use of SimplyThick gel which transforms liquid food and drink into thicker, more palatable textures. 


Leg exercises and stretches are commonplace, but feet are equally important. Feet can become hard, dry, and tense after walking around all day every day, exacerbated by anybody with a laborious job or who has running or hiking as a hobby. The easiest way to look after feet is to do little and often – letting foot problems get out of hand can be difficult to reverse. Scrubbing feet with a pumice stone, washing and drying feet regularly, using lotions, and applying foot powder are all effective ways of keeping feet healthy


It is estimated by the Vision Council that around 164 million American adults wear glasses – but not all do it for medical reasons. This figure includes those who wear them for fashion. Whether glasses are needed or not, everybody should be taking great care of their eyes every single day, from in front of the computer in the workplace to by the poolside on vacation. Take regular screen breaks from computers, phones, and televisions – looking into the distance for 20 seconds every 20 minutes is highly recommended for reducing eye strain – and always wear sunshades when going out in direct sunlight. It’s also possible to exercise the eyes, moving them in a figure of eight or focusing on a finger that’s moving to and from the nose.


Haircare is a well-known form of bodily care, but specific attention should also be paid to the scalp. Moisturizing plant-based oils such as coconut oil can be beneficial for the scalp, as can avoiding certain fragrances that could irritate such as rosemary.



It is vitally important to look after the throat, feet, eyes, and scalp, but few fitness and health “gurus” will mention them. Take a moment to listen to your body and you may begin to realize that you have been allowing your eyes to become tired or your scalp to become flaky, but it only takes a few exercises and a couple of natural care products to make a huge difference.

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