Five Reasons Alcohol Detox is so Important

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Alcohol detoxification, known to most people simply as alcohol detox, is the first step when it comes to a person’s journey to recovery from alcohol addiction. It is a medically supervised process that helps a person to safely withdraw from alcohol while managing potentially severe withdrawal symptoms. Read on for five important reasons why alcohol detox is important.

Five Reasons Alcohol Detox is So Important

1. Safety First

Alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening in some cases, making it imperative to detox under medical supervision. Some people experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include delirium tremens (DTs), seizures, and extreme confusion and these can lead to serious complications or even death if they are not managed properly by a medical professional. In a supervised detox program, healthcare professionals can monitor your vital signs, administer necessary medications, and provide immediate care in case of emergencies. This ensures your safety throughout the withdrawal process.

2. Help You with Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol detox helps people manage the uncomfortable and possibly painful withdrawal symptoms that can happen when the body becomes dependent on alcohol. These symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sweating, and tremors. By undergoing detox in a controlled environment, a person can receive medication and a variety of therapies that are designed to help alleviate these symptoms. This makes it easier to make it through detox.

3. Less Risk of Relapse

The intense cravings and discomfort many people have when they are withdrawing from alcohol can often drive them right back to drinking to relieve their symptoms. Detox programs not only provide medical support but also offer psychological and emotional help through counseling and therapy. This dual approach helps a person to be able to better cope with the emotional aspects of addiction, reducing the risk of relapse during this critical phase of recovery.

4. Helps to Prepare for Long-Term Treatment

Keep in mind that detox is just the beginning of the recovery journey. It is a necessary step to clean the alcohol out of the person’s body while helping to stabilize their physical health. It does not, though,  address the underlying psychological and behavioral issues of addiction. After detox, a person can transition seamlessly into an in-depth treatment program, such as inpatient rehab or outpatient counseling, which focuses on addressing the underlying causes of addiction while also teaching the person coping skills for a sober life. By completing detox, people are better prepared for the therapeutic work that comes afterward detox. This will help set them up for a more successful recovery.

5. Improves Your Overall Health

Prolonged alcohol abuse can have very bad effects on a person’s physical health, since alcohol can cause liver damage, heart problems, and even a weakened immune system, among other issues. Detoxifying the body from alcohol is an essential step in allowing it to begin healing. Once alcohol is removed from the system, the body can start repairing itself, and a person may experience improvements in their overall health. This can serve as motivation for continued sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about how alcohol affects the brain in this infographic by Fountain Hills Recovery:

Infographic Provided By mental health facility in Arizona, Fountain Hills Recovery

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