Find Your Space: 4 Signs It’s Time To Tear Your Home Down And Start Over

When you first bought your home, it may have had enough space and the right layout to fit your needs. However, over time, you may discover that it is cramped or otherwise no longer suited to your lifestyle. What are some of the key signs that it is time to tear your house down and start over from scratch?


The Home Has Suffered Structural Damage

If the home has been damaged in a storm, damaged in a natural disaster or damaged by pests, it may be easier to start over instead of repairing the damage. Using modern building materials may make your new home more energy efficient in addition to better at resisting the effects of wind, sun or rain.


Your Home Was Built Many Decades Or Centuries Ago

Homes that were built early in 20th century may require extensive renovations to make them functional for those living today. If you are concerned about retaining the home’s charm, it may be possible to keep some of the wooden floors, the fireplace or other original components during the rebuild. By gutting the home and starting fresh, you may be able to get rid of asbestos, lead paint or any other toxic materials that may have been added in previous remodels.


You Bought The House For The Land It Sits On

It is rather common for people to buy homes for the land that they sit on as opposed to the home itself. For instance, there may be minerals or other resources that are more valuable than the home itself. The land may be perfect for what you envision your future home to be like, or could be in a prime location but just not have your dream house sitting on it. In this instance, it may be beneficial to tear down the old house, using demolition companies like Alliance Demolition Services Inc, and build a home that is dependable and sufficient for your needs.


The Foundation Is Cracked

Homes that sit on shoddy foundations are likely to collapse or otherwise remain unsafe to live in. Instead of fixing the foundation, it may be less expensive to get rid of the home and build a new one. In some cases, homes may need to come down or be moved temporarily even if you choose to fix the foundation.


While you may have some emotional attachment to your home, there are times when you should opt to tear it down completely and start anew. If your house has been destroyed in a natural disaster, getting rid of it may help you to move on from an emotional and mental standpoint. Prior to demolition, it may be a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if any of the work is covered.

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