Fake It `Till You Make It: How to Become as Filthy Rich as Celebrities?

We are obsessed with celebrities earnings and secretively wish we had their money. We imagine life to be easier and more fun if we were filthy rich. I would not mind having the wealth that comes with stardom. If you are prone to Google the highest earning celebrities or constantly look if there are any changes to the Forbs rich list celebrities, you might want to work towards living a life of glamour.

If you want to increase your wealth, it is important to start focusing on this goal because it is possible. Rich people have a different mindset when it comes to money and life. Many of them work hard to sustain their lifestyles. It may seem like their lives are perfect and that money comes easily to them. This is because they have their own set of ‘secrets’ that we will now share with you.

Eliminate all debt

You can never be rich if you have a mountain of debt stressing you out. Do you have moments when you feel that you are living paycheck to paycheck? This is probably due to paying bills and having very little money left to save. Make up your mind that you will no longer give your hard earned money to various venders. Debt will drain you and stress you out to the point where you cannot even focus. Eliminate all the unnecessary debts as soon as you can.


We hear all the time how important it is to have a detailed budget, but many of us do not know where our money goes. On your road to wealth, you have to start with simple steps. Draw up a budget on Excel or download an online template and start entering your expenses. You might be surprised at how much you spend on certain things. I know for me, I was shocked at the amount I spent on food, so I greatly reduced my grocery bill. Now I can put that extra money towards my savings.

Passion = Work

If you truly want to become rich, you need to know that a regular 9-5 job might now get you there. Find out what you are passionate about and use that to earn money. You will probably enjoy it a great deal and put a lot of effort into it. If you love what you are doing, you have a better chance of making a success out of it.

Respect the cents

Money is money, no matter how much or how little it is. If you do not respect the change in your pocket, you will never be rich. Have you noticed how stingy some rich people are? That is because they realise that any unnecessary spending could lead to their wealth dropping. For some reason, poor people find it easier to spend money where it does not need to be spent. Be wise with your cents and build your wealth.

Start saving

Once you see that you have extra money left after paying for every necessity, save that money. It does not have to be an enormous amount. At the end of the day, these small amounts start adding up and becomes a great beginning to your wealth building process. Try and not dip into your savings when you start out. This is your nest egg and you have to protect it if you want to become rich.


Look at some rich people you know or even take a look online. Pay attention to their habits and skills so that you can directly learn from the best. You do not want to go into debt by copying their lifestyle just yet, but you can apply some practices they follow. Many rich people get up early to get a head start on their day. You can make this small change and probably see a big difference in your productivity. These are the kind of habits you want to be on the lookout for.


There is no reason why you cannot build wealth, but you are going to have to work for it. We look at celebrities and think their lives are so amazing, but most of them work very hard. You also need to look at their journeys because many of them had to start at the bottom. This is a process and you need to make the most of it.

Start by believing that you deserve to be rich and live a beautiful life. Then make a plan and actually stick to it. Have a schedule so that you stay productive at all times. If you put in the work now, you will retire early and enjoy your life. Business is a great way of building wealth if you are willing to make major sacrifices. Spend less and save more. Before you know it, you will be as filthy rich as any celebrity.

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  1. but sometimes its all an illusion some celebrities dont even have much but im all for personal wealth

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