What Every Girl Needs to Know About Her Car

Contributed by Nataliya


Girls love cars – that’s a fact, supported by another fact: a guy’s car might have a lot to do with his level of attractiveness. But there are many women out there who own their own cars and drive them around the city daily. Unfortunately, most of them know little (or nothing) about their cars, except how to drive them. Don’t be that girl! You are a strong women who can multi-task loads of things, from job to kids, so you definitely need to be able to do the basics for your car, like the regular checkups.

Know your car

Each driver knows their own car, which is very important. If you don’t know how your car sounds, you might not be able to realize when you have a problem. A Chevrolet Equinox sounds different from a Ford Explorer, for example. Listen to the noise your car makers, as strange noises are the first clue something is wrong with the car. Something as small as a click at the start of the engine is enough to let you know it’s time to take it to the mechanic. If you know your car, you can take it to the service as soon as something is wrong, which can save you money and time.

Check the parking

Before you leave, check the parking spot. If there are oil spots or other signs there is a leak, you can solve the problem or find a temporary solution until you take the car to the service. Another thing you should do each time before you leave is to check the tires. Most people forget to do this and notice a flat tire when they are in the middle of the road.

Pay attention to what your car is “saying”

Modern cars have a handy thing called dashboard, where you can see lots of indicators. When something is wrong, the indicator is going to light up on the dashboard, signaling you there is a problem with the car. Learn what each indicator is for and keep an eye on them at all times.

Check the oil and the water level

Every girl needs to know how to check her car’s oil and water levels and how to refill if needed. You should be checking the oil daily before you leave. If not, do it at least once a week. The oil should be clean – if it is dirty and has little black flakes in it, it needs to be changed. While the oil helps the engine function properly, the water prevents the car from overheating, so make sure you check it too.

Clean, clean, clean

Men are often seen cleaning their cars and there is a good reason they do this: dirt can lead to a lot of problems. You have two options: either clean the car yourself, either take it to the local car cleaning service. There are several systems inside the car which are prone to malfunction when dust builds up on them, so take the car to the cleaning service on regular basis.

Knowing a couple of basic maintenance routines for your car is going to help you take care of the car and keep it in top shape for as long as possible.


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