Live #LikeAGirl with Confidence with the Help of Always #EndPeriodPoverty

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Being a teenager can have its challenges. Trust me, I’ve got two! Plus, one 12-year-old who is well on her way. When our kids are officially taller than we are, it reminds us of how fast time flies and how fast they are growing up.

As you know, during adolescence there are many changes happening. For girls, when you compound all of that with puberty, it can lead to a serious lack of confidence. When girls do not have access to period protection products and have to miss school or other activities, it only makes this drop in confidence worse.

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What Every Girl Needs to Know About Her Car

Contributed by Nataliya


Girls love cars – that’s a fact, supported by another fact: a guy’s car might have a lot to do with his level of attractiveness. But there are many women out there who own their own cars and drive them around the city daily. Unfortunately, most of them know little (or nothing) about their cars, except how to drive them. Don’t be that girl! You are a strong women who can multi-task loads of things, from job to kids, so you definitely need to be able to do the basics for your car, like the regular checkups.
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SmitCo: Dazzling Holiday Gifts For Girls


Do you have a princess you need to buy for this holiday season? I can think of 2 or 3 on my list.

SmitCo has quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12. Thier products include rose gold, gold or rhodium plated jewelry and sets, as well as very popular stretch sets for little girls – all packed in cute gift boxes. 

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Zipadee-Zip Swaddling Jumper


I WISH these unique swaddling jumpers were around when my children were babies!! I used to wrap them in a swaddling blanket and carry them around the house.  They loved the secure cozy feeling, so I can only imagine how much they would have enjoyed these.


Every mother has asked the question – What do I do when my little one outgrows their swaddle? Watch this short video clip to find out!

It gets even better! The Zipadee Zip is multifunctional. Check out these other great uses for this product:

  • Sleep – Aids swaddle transition and teaches self-soothing skills!
  • Travel – Encourages sleep and settling on long car or plane rides!
  • Dr. Office Visits – Eliminates tedious clothing changes!
  • Grocery Visits and Plane Rides – Provides a GERM-FREE environment!
  • Breastfeeding – Prevents a baby from scratching themselves and Momma!
  • Stroller walks or walks/rides in a sling or baby carrier – can be worn while buckled or strapped in!
  • MORE SLEEP! – Aids transition to crib off of a swing, or rock and play sleeper and helps sick little ones get rest when they wouldn’t otherwise!



Here is a coupon code for $2 off a Zipadee-Zip from Sleeping Baby!
Use code: SLEEP at checkout.