Easy Efficiency: 5 Pieces of Tech That Will Make Work Easier

Everyone loves the saying “work smarter, not harder” but smoother efficiency can often be unattainable by workers alone. No matter how dedicated and hardworking your team is, there are certain things that humans just cannot do as easily as machines. An efficient, high functioning team is important, but if you want to take your work to the next level, technology can be a great helper.

Level up Your Communications

Upgrading your phone system can be a great way to make your business run more smoothly. Advanced systems such as Broadsoft hosted PBX can help improve efficiency and productivity by streamlining the communication process. Because Broadsoft systems are fully integrated, switching between methods of communication becomes seamless allowing you better accessibility than ever before.

Keep It in the Cloud

Another great way to make your work life easier is to make use of cloud-based storage.

Unlike traditional filing cabinets and PC hard drives, the cloud can follow you everywhere, and while USBs can offer the same level of portability, it’s impossible to misplace something that lives in cyberspace. Cloud storage also offers a far higher level of security than traditional storage options due to highly advanced systems that are constantly being updated in order to keep user data protected.

Upgrade Your Facilities

Incorporating smart technology into your office can also be quite beneficial. Gone are the days where clappers were the pinnacle of home automation. Those willing to invest in advanced technology can now control everything from their lights to their security systems to their heating and cooling directly from their smartphone. While this may not seem overly advantageous for a work environment, it allows you full control of your surroundings and zoned technology can ensure that everyone is comfortable, thus improving productivity.

Secure It

New technology can also help improve the security of your premises. Use a reputable managed it service to upgrade your system and provide a superior peace of mind. Newer systems can also be synced with almost any smart device so they receive bonus points for being able to connect with your mobile and all that smart technology you incorporated into your office after reading the previous tip.

Online Marketing

This tip has a more outward facing focus but should still receive the same consideration as technologies that will make life more comfortable in the office. Whether you’re already utilizing the internet as a marketing tool or you’re still living in the world of weekend classifieds, re-evaluating your marketing strategy can bring you new clientele and larger profits. Before focusing on paid advertising, make sure that your website and social profiles are up to date and well managed. To keep customers engaged you need to create quality content, and online customer service should take just as high of a priority as your face to face customer relations receive. Once you’ve ensured that your online footprint is nice and shiny, it’s time to set the internet to work for you. This looks different for each business but should not be overlooked just because it may be unfamiliar. Have a chat with your marketing team and utilize every available avenue to grow your business.

Technology is often viewed as a bad thing that is looking to steal all of our jobs, but as long as you remain in control of it, rather than letting it control you, it can be an invaluable tool for success. Adopt strategies that work well for you and your business, upgrade when necessary and move with the times and you will enjoy prosperity for a long time.

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