7 Simple Ways to Enhance Delivering of Assessments

Delivering flexible and reliable assessments that match day-to-day digital experiences is the need of the hour. To be in this competitive market of online platforms, you need to have some intuitive features that match the unique business processes. It should also be see seen that all the exams are run within a secure, invigilated environment.

Janison provides a consistent platform to every individual, from candidates to business verticals who require learning facilities from any device, even with unstable or no internet connectivity. Everyone gets the flexibility to take a test from the comfort of home. Also, the examiners can digitally supervise and administer assessments through several tools available like the AI facial-recognition and the test-takers web camera. 

Here are seven simple ways to enhance the delivery of assessments.

Assessment Battery

One of the critical features of enhancing the delivery of assessments is the assessment battery, which measures the perfect skill sets and abilities of a candidate. This battery combines a cluster of tests and correctly evaluates the problem-solving skills in a situation. This battery can quickly ascertain if a candidate is suitable for a particular position within the job requirements. Employers who need coders can assess their applicant’s coding capability through a coding test and then go through the hiring process. Similarly, there are several tests to evaluate and administer with the help of psychometric tests, cognitive tests, aptitude tests, etc. to check the competencies of the hiring candidate and ascertain their functional skills.

Integrated Platform

An assessment with an integrated platform is the best evaluation tool during the hiring process. Because of its self-manageable feature, many employers can conduct online interviews from their homes with a streamlined workflow. The platform includes several collaborative tools to maintain assessment records digitally. One can keep track of applicants from all over the world and evaluate their assessments. With the help of an integrated platform, it is easy to adequately manage all the applicants and create a customizable workflow simultaneously.


Having a customized feature in any assessment platform can enhance the delivery of the assessments and can even strike a chord with users. With the customization, any user can design the assessments that suit their need. They can search and pick the custom-built test forms from its vast library and even amend several options to add their questions depending on the job requirements. Having a set of standardized questions helps the assessment operator to derive a useful questionnaire with a well-equipped fair assessment. Customization gives quick responsiveness to any user and also doesn’t restrict use across many devices.

Online Proctoring

Implementing online proctoring in assessment platforms is a great way to deliver secure and reliable evaluation software. In a highly critical space of malpractices of cheating, keeping the online platform safe is essential for evaluators to derive perfect results. There are several tools to check the authenticity with the help of AI-backed, anti-cheat solutions that help to check during the real position and obtain a secure browsing system. Online proctoring allows students or candidates from cheating and ensures the online assessment platform with reliable coverage from such malpractices. If any student or user is caught cheating through multiple device detection or distraction detection tools, they are flagged and disqualified from the examination immediately.

Data Security

Another feature that is most necessary to enhance the assessment platforms is data security. Everything is at the stake of the user during the online evaluation ranging from the user’s data and all the data related to their assessment reports. Hence several companies or education universities try to get ensured to have all their data stored in the cloud to avoid any misuse of the data. Even the system of data encryption prevents unauthorized access to anyone and provides a secure environment to assessment platforms.

Analytical Reports

Having in-depth analytical reports of an individual’s performance is a bonus feature in enhancing the assessment platforms. With some tremendous tailor-made offerings, you can deliver the assessments with proper vital insights of the individual and cater to the skills as per job requirements. Therefore, data-driven analysis is the best and a convenient way to hire any employee.

White Labeling

Having an assessment with a white label will enhance the authenticity of the platform as a legally approved version gives credibility to the services. So do go for an accredited platform that has a testing interface and build a strong base for the brand.

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