Dodge The Drill – 5 Health Tips To Help You Avoid Invasive Dental Treatments   

Ordinary check-ups at the dentist may cause a small tremor of nerves in the pit of your stomach, but in comparison to invasive dental surgery, they’re a winning trade. The fortunate fact is that many invasive treatments can be avoided with early detection. So, those check-ups really do offer major benefits. You can also avoid invasive dental treatments with the following tips.  

  1. Explore all your options

Prevention is key, but if your dentist insists that it is indeed time for implants, you may want to explore the other options available to you first. Implants are a wonderful and permanent way to regain a vibrant smile, but porcelain veneers are faster, less invasive, and offer a simple route to the perfect smile. Veneers may come with some ongoing maintenance, but for many people, it is an option that is less stressful and promises faster results. 

  1. Have a daily care routine

It is the sum total of all of our small efforts on a daily basis that paves the way to good health and success. This is nowhere more true than with dental hygiene. Your daily care routine is the most telling factor in whether you require invasive treatments later in life. Daily care should include brushing in the morning and before bedtime. Dentists also encourage daily flossing, ensuring the areas the toothbrush may not reach are also covered. 

  1. Prevent trauma

Do you play impact sports? If so, wearing a mouthguard is essential. Trauma and loss of teeth are one of the leading events calling for invasive dental surgery. These can easily be avoided by taking adequate safety measures. Naturally, there are always circumstances and accidents in which teeth may be damaged, shift in the gums, or be lost altogether. But if you are entering a high-risk situation, you can avoid the potential for invasive dental surgery simply by taking the recommended safety measures. 

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

Sometimes, a small problem in the gums, or a tiny cavity, can fester over time. It may be located in a hidden part of your mouth. However, if left unchecked, your cavity or fracture will only worsen. By the time you’re aware of it, it’s become a serious problem that’s painful or requires expensive and invasive dental treatments to fix. Regular check-ups eliminate the risks of this scenario playing out. Your dentist will be able to find anything small that may be brewing just below the surface.  

  1. Consider lifestyle changes

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being one of the most dreaded treatments in the medical industry. It is famed for being uncomfortable and painful, with the treatment often lasting for a few hours, depending on the circumstances. Typically resulting from inflammation that has come about because of infection or severe decay, a root canal involves the nerve and the pulp being removed from inside a tooth. This is to treat and prevent painful abscesses from forming under the tooth. Avoid foods and habits that are known to contribute to inflammation in order to avoid root canal surgery. These include sugar, highly processed foods, and smoking. 

Regain your brilliant smile

Mother Teresa said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” While that smile may radiate outwards to everyone who sees it, it is also an uplifting action for you. Taking care of your pearly whites and avoiding scary dental treatments will see you more likely to share your smile with the world.


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