Dammam Is More Than Just a City with Sand and Palms

If you think that most cities from Saudi Arabia are just a land with many palm trees and an infinite territory of sand, then you still haven’t visited Dammam. Even though it is not so popular in comparison to other Arabian destinations, the regional capital of Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is actually one of the elements that makes it so amazing and surprising. 

While not many tourists have found this gem, it continues to impress the tourists with its unique combination of culture, history, and relaxation opportunities. It is home to some of the most spectacular islands and impressive beaches with golden sand. For example, Al Marjan Island is connected to the city through a bridge made by locals. It is the ideal destination when you want to relax in the middle of nature and hear nothing but the splash of fish in the water.

The Heritage Village fulfils the tourists’ thirst for cultural adventure. Along side exquisite hotels in Dammam, Heritage Village is one of the most iconic attractions. You will visit a building with 5 stories that offer an all-inclusive experience of history, food flavors, and traditions. You will find everything about Dam history and get to taste the local flavors in the restaurant opened inside. 

If you are ready to learn more about its heritage for the next generations, you should also visit Tarout Castle. It is one of the city’s landmarks in terms of archaeology. It was built 5000 years ago in the center of an island called Tarout. The castle’s architecture continues to amaze tourists with its unique style and makes them wonder how it was possible to build such a masterpiece so much time ago.

In case you want to recharge your batteries and spend some quality time alone with your better half, then you shouldn’t miss Half Moon Bay. Its name was given after its shape which portrays a half-moon. This idyllic place is appreciated by tourists for its blue water and perfect white sand. Even though it was initially created artificially for different explorations, the island became a popular place thanks to its relaxing vibe.

You can travel to the city of Dammam using Saudi airlines flight options. The company offers connections from many cities in Europe or the US.

In addition, the hotels are prepared to welcome tourists and offer them an impeccable experience. The service’s quality is at very high standards. Also, as the current times are not very favorable for traveling, local businesses have adapted their operations to keep tourists safe. Therefore, you can feel safe and enjoy your vacation this year in a unique location.

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