5 Essentials for Creating a More Open Concept in Your Home

One of the newest crazes in home design is the open concept design. This allows for more freedom of space and association inside of your home. Here are four tips that can help you to achieve this open concept look at your pad.

Opt For Light Colors

One of the most imperative things that you’ll need to do in order to create a more open space for your home is to paint the walls a very light, reflective color. You want to shop in the whites, creams, yellows, and grays. These allow for a light-bouncing ability for visitors. This reflecting ability makes the walls seem as if they’re receding. Dark colors don’t have this quality and can make your room actually feel smaller.

Lay Flooring According To Your Longest Wall

A great tip for ensuring that your space looks big and open is to always opt for laying flooring material in line with the longest wall in the room. This helps to create more depth to open up a space. You should try and pick a darker wood floor color if you’re utilizing light colors as suggested above. This color contrast will provide more depth to a space.

Consider Bigger Windows

One of the best ways to bring a bigger feeling of open space into your home is to add some new windows or replace existing ones. The most commonly used windows for adding tremendous space include bay and picture windows. If you currently have windows that contain muntin, then consider undergoing window glass replacement. You’ll want to pick a style that allows for more glass without the division that muntin provides.


Sometimes the initial construction of your home cannot be your friend. When you can’t take out a wall or simply just don’t have a big enough space to work with, in the first place, you can always rely on mirrors to help. Bigger mirrors that cover a large portion of a wall can help to expand the room and make it feel more open than it actually is. Consider adding one if you want to create depth in a small room.

Eliminate Island Countertops

One major downfall of island countertops is that they create a sectioned feeling in a home. While this is great if you’re going for a small cozy home feel, it’s your enemy when going for an open concept design. Instead, think about removing objects that section off the room, especially those coming from the ceiling. You want to have a seamless flow from room to room to make your space appear even larger than it actually is.


Redesigning your home should start with determining just what look you’re going for. If you’re into the open concept, the above are some basic essentials you want to include in your design. Realize that simple design elements can change the feel of your entire room in seconds.


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