What Furniture is Safe to Buy Used and What Absolutely Needs to be Bought New 

When it comes to items that you have in your home, your furniture represents a larger investment than almost any other group of items. Therefore, it’s important to find low prices on furniture whenever you can. At the same time, a low price doesn’t always equate to a great value. To ensure that you don’t waste your money on underwhelming furniture, it’s important to understand which types of furniture you can buy used and what you should definitely purchase new.


Unless you like sleeping in other people’s sweat and dead skin cells, a mattress should definitely be bought new. Since mattresses receive so much close contact from their owners, they can harbor nasty surprises that would cost more to fix than it would cost to buy a new mattress. Plus, there’s always the chance that a used mattress could be hiding bedbugs, which is something you definitely don’t want to expose your family to. Given the frequency of mattress sales, it’s better to go with a new model.


In general, tables can be purchased used. Tables that are well-built can be easily re-finished to perfectly match your home’s decor. However, if a table is not well-made and seems flimsy, then it’s best to buy a new table from a furniture store, instead, unless, of course, the table is offered for free on the side of the road. Buying a new table that is sturdy and made with timeless design can make a great heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.


As tempting as it may be to buy a used couch and reupholster it, it’s usually best to stay away from buying someone else’s couch. One problem with used couches is that their cushion material is likely to be largely broken down by the time you purchase it, meaning it will quickly become uncomfortable. Another problem you might run into is that the fabrics that cover the couch, not to mention the rest of the soft couch materials, tend to hold onto odors, no matter how much you clean them. Avoid this smelly, uncomfortable problem, then, and buy yourself a new couch at a furniture store.

Bedroom Furniture

Single-purpose bedroom furniture, such as dressers and nightstands, are great to buy used. This is because these items are typically only lightly used, and only for short periods of time, at that. When buying these items, though, you’ll want to be sure to inspect the drawers to ensure that they go in and out easily and don’t have any cracks or loose joints on any side. 

When furnishing your home, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match new and used furniture. That’s part of what gives your house its unique character is the fact that your mix of furniture is different from every other person’s mix of furniture. Have fun with your decorating, and make sure to create a space that you love and enjoy spending time in.

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