Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Spaces

Beautifying your backyard doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re crafty and you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves for a DIY, you’ll love these hand-picked, affordable ideas for decorating outdoor spaces. You can let your creativity run free and improvise your own methods to make your garden more welcoming and chic.

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1. Hang Drapes around the Porch

This is a super-affordable way to make your porch look more chic. You don’t even need a sewing machine since you can buy the drapes in the needed measurements from the store. If you’ve been thinking about adding screens to your porch, this is a cheaper alternative that won’t overwhelm your budget. All you need is drapes in a material of your choice and a way to hang them. Curtain rods are convenient, cheap, and easy to install. According to the décor and your taste, you can choose transparent drapes for a shabby-chic look, linen drapes for a romantic look, or bright, colorful drapes for a modern touch.

2. Upgrade Benches and Armchairs with Colorful Cushions

Adding pops of color to outdoor spaces will instantly elevate it and make it look brighter. Throw
cushions are inexpensive and super versatile. Not only are they comfortable, they also make
benches and chairs look more modern. Find a common theme for your cushions such as a recurrent
color that is also found in other décor objects. Eye-catching colors like turquoise, hot pink and bright
yellow are great for outdoor spaces. If your benches and chairs are looking worse for wear, you can
look for unique, beautiful yet affordable outdoor furniture online.

3. Substitute a Gazebo for a Terrace Awning

Gazebos look amazing and are a great retreat from the Sun when you want to spend some time outside. If you don’t want to break the bank on a gazebo, you can easily replace it with a terrace awning that is versatile and adaptable. This is excellent for throwing parties in the garden, especially when you need shade.

4. Paint the Fence

A few cans of paint are cheap and can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of any outdoor space. Garden fences will instantly look brighter and more cheerful if you choose a bold, playful color. But even the classic white fence paint will brighten up the space and make it look fresh again. If you choose white, keep in mind you can add small accents to make other things pop out. Place bright flower pots next to your freshly painted fence to create a beautiful contrast.

5. Upcycle Old Things and Transform Them into Plant Stands

Those who are keen on gardening will love this idea. You can transform mostly anything into planters or flower stands. Old drawers, buckets, tin cans, vases, and even cooking bowls you’re no longer using are all suitable candidates for this job. The other things you will need are soil and plants or flowers. Whenever possible, make holes at the bottom of your planters.

6. Add Fairy Lights

String lights are affordable and easy to install. They add a beautiful chic look to any outdoor space. Solar-powered fairy lights are waterproof and will turn on automatically when it gets dark outside. There are a plethora of designs to choose from. Small bulbs are dainty and delicate, perfect for small gardens. Medium and larger bulbs are ideal for bigger spaces. You can buy several different strings of lights and play around with their placement until you’re happy with the result.

7. Create Flower Arrangements in Window Boxes

Flower arrangements can have hefty price tags so it’s much more affordable to do them yourself. If you don’t have any old window boxes to reuse, there are plenty of options to find in thrift shops. For your flower arrangement, use cacti and succulents. These are not very pretentious when it comes to maintenance as long as they have a lot of sunlight. When creating your arrangement, play with textures, colors, and proportions.

8. Make a Custom Sign

It’s easy to decorate any outdoor space with DIY paintings or custom signs. The possibilities are endless: you can make a custom sign to greet guests or choose your favorite motto or quote. To make your custom sign you will need a few supplies that you can get from your local craft store. You can also upcycle an old painting and simply paint over it or use a cheap frame from Ikea or from the thrift store.


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