Becoming a Denim Diva: Top 6 Trending Jeans in 2021 and How to Style Them

The past year allowed women to discover comfort wear and take a break from skin-tight, breath-stopping pieces. Many looks took a slow start this year, but the ones making a comeback are blazers, oversized clothes, and denim. Yes, denim is back, but not like the way it used to. It is safe to say that we are saying goodbye to skinny and Capri jeans for good. Honestly, many other styles are more trans-seasonal and versatile than skinny jeans. Since many jeans styles are hitting their expiration date, we are pleased to bring you the latest denim trends replacing the previous ones. So, let’s dive into the hottest denim looks of 2021 and how to style them for some killer looks. 

1. Loose or distressed jeans:

The fashion crowd is currently happy with kicking frayed hems out of the window and welcoming distressed, ripped jeans. There is something laidback and lazy about loose-fitted distressed jeans that give every style a fashionable edge and chicness. Numerous distressed jeans styles are running hot this year, especially medium-blue tones and high-rise ripped jeans. Curvy ladies may think that loose jeans aren’t doing much for their legs but pairing them with the right pieces will create the perfect look. For instance, pairing your plus size destructed jeans with a simple oversized tee, boots, light-colored jacket, and statement jewelry will definitely let you go by as a denim diva. Other distressed jeans styles we love this year include ripped dad jeans with knitwear and busted mom jeans in light wash with a full-sleeve crop top. 

2. Boot cut jeans:

The best thing about bootcut jeans coming back? It’s a fashion staple for women of all shapes and sizes! It is a fan piece of clothing that is both curve-hugging and comfortable at the same time. However, there is a slight touch of today’s style in the trend, and we call it the slim bootcut jeans. These are a bit slimmer at the bottom instead of being drastically flared like in the 70s. Bootcut jeans look gorgeous and super sleek when paired with ankle boots or statement flats. One style that women these days are obsessed with includes high-waist slim boot jeans paired with a tank top and a light plaid jacket along with strappy sandals. The look is exceptionally laidback, edgy, and can work well with both casual and office looks. 

3. Baggy jeans:

There is no denying that baggy jean is the new hero style this year when it comes to denim. The wide-leg vintage-inspired silhouette has made a smashing comeback as a perfect transitional outfit. Ladies are rocking baggy jeans in all sorts of ways – classy, edgy, lazy, minimalist, elegant, and more. For instance, one effortless style that we love this year is pairing your white baggy jeans with monochromatic pieces. Just throw in a neutral-hued blazer, plain tee, or a button-down white shirt with sultry heels, and you have an effortlessly chic outfit. If you want to go for a more casual or lazy look, then we’d recommend pairing your light-wash high-rise baggy jeans with an oversized button-down shirt or a light-hued knit sweater. You can throw in a brown tote bag, casual pumps, and large hoops, and you are good to go for a laidback look with retro vibes. 

4. High-waist flared jeans:

Even though drastic flared jeans are a thing of the past, we are still embracing the iconic denim trend but with a few twists. For starters, the flare isn’t as dramatic as before, and we are pairing them with chic accessories for a strong fashion statement. We are starting with the high-waisted flared jeans because, in 2021, everything is high-waisted. So, get yourself a skinnier fit, high waist flared denim that accentuates your waistline, and pair it with a classic teddy coat, dad sneakers, and voila! You have a perfectly timeless and effortless look for a casual fall day. Want to go for a classic look? Pair your light-wash designer flared jeans with a timeless white tank, leather jacket, and heeled mules. Another flared denim look that we are drooling over comes along with a modern touch. Simply balance out the wider leg proportion with a slim cropped blazer and squared-toe leather ankle boots with some killer sunglasses. 

5. Straight-leg jeans:

Since overly dramatic cuts and skinny jeans are out of the race, one contender is back with a vengeance, and it’s the straight-leg jeans. Oh yes, we have almost every celebrity taking a casual stroll this year with go-to straight-leg jeans and a matching denim jacket with an oversized top. It is a practical wardrobe staple that is good for everyday looks without putting much effort into it. Straight-leg jeans are the ultimate comfort wear that complements your curves at the same time. We have the option of high-waist straight jeans with inkier tones paired with silk blouses and go-to tees. Since straight-leg jeans offer the best of both worlds, we recommend going a bit ultra-modern with them and throw in a strapless white top with kitten heels. You can even go in with a simple cardigan or a high fashion ruffled top. 

6. Skater Jeans:

A cousin of baggy jeans, skater jeans are fashion experts’ new favorite denim. They have a high-waisted cut, are roomy, and come with an added slouch. Since we are running out of love for figure-hugging jeans, this extra-long denim offers both a retro flare and a super stylish outlook. The best way to wear your skater jeans? Pair them with a deconstructed shirt or plain tee, and let your jeans pool over chunky platforms or stiletto pumps. Take a cue from fashion diva Dua Lipa, who has been spotted rocking skater jeans a dozen times, especially with cropped cardigans and tiny tops. Since all famous ladies advocate for head-to-toe baggy looks these days, why not add skater jeans to your everyday wardrobe? 


The year 2021 is proof that women are moving on from wearing suffocating tight clothes and finding comfort in loose-fitted pieces. We see more and more street looks that are entirely baggy but still look incredibly chic. Since denim is literally forever, the fashion world decided to bring back a few timeless jeans with a modern touch this year. Oversized, high-waist, and baggy are the new fashion staple that we can’t stop obsessing over!  So, choose your favorite jeans and let the world be your runway.  


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