Are We There Yet? Tricks to Help Keep Your Kids Amused Even During Long Car Rides

Car rides can be fun. However, they can also be extremely challenging when you have children screaming, fighting, pouting, or crying in the back seats. Unfortunately, being cooped up in the car together for an extended period of time can bring about some tension. That’s why it’s best to keep your kids entertained and distracted. Here are some tricks to help keep everyone amused on a long road trip.

Let Them Sleep

If you have children, it could be a good idea to do as much of your drive as possible very early in the morning or at night. That way, your kids may be able to get some sleep along the way. This will give you at least a small amount of time to drive in peace. Just make sure to have pillows and blankets to keep them comfy.

Play Music

Music brings people together and has been entertaining listeners for thousands of years. There’s no reason you can’t turn it into car entertainment for your trip too. A road trip is a great time to listen to music that everyone enjoys. You can play songs that everyone in the family knows and likes to sing along to. 

Alternatively, you can also take turns sharing music with each other. Let each member of the family make a half-hour playlist before the trip, and listen to each one while you’re on the road. You will develop memories that your kids will associate with the song for years to come.

Pack the Tablet

Too much screen time isn’t ideal. However, this is the perfect time to let the kids spend some time on their tablet watching Netflix, playing games, or browsing the internet. When they’re watching, reading, or playing exactly what they want to, they will be distracted, meaning they will be too busy to annoy each other or get loud. Bring along headphones to give everyone the chance to enjoy their tablets quietly.

Play Road Trip Games

There are a number of car games out there to keep you entertained on the road.While there is of course, the classic “I Spy,” there are other games too. Switch between a few to keep your kids entertained for hours. For example, you can have a road trip scavenger hunt where everyone has to spot a certain amount of obscure things while on the road. There are a number of games out there. Try a couple until you learn which ones you like the best.

Stop at Interesting Destinations

Plan your route wisely. While you don’t want to extend your trip excessively, breaking it up can help release the pent up tension that builds when you’re all stuck in a car. Take a few short detours to stop at different landmarks to really make the most of your trip and keep everyone entertained. Do your research before you leave so you know in advance what destinations you want to top at along the way. Depending on how long your trip is and how many people are in the car, you could let everyone pick a different destination that they want to see.

Long car rides can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Prepare ahead of time with some simple tricks to keep your kids—and you—entertained while you’re on the road. No matter how you stay entertained, enjoy the time you have together as a family on your trip.

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