All You Need To Know About Brushing, Flossing, And Mouthwash

If we are totally honest, we’ve all skipped a few of our daily oral hygiene practices; after all, it won’t make any difference, will it? Skipping flossing a few times isn’t going to be a problem you might think, but that leads to a change in routine and over a period of time, this can result in tooth decay.

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Feeding Bacteria

Every person has bacteria in their mouth; it is perfectly natural, yet sugary foods provide nourishment for some bacteria and a by-product is the creation of acids that erode the tooth enamel. The secret to successful oral hygiene is simple; brush and floss after every meal, plus before and after bed, and this means the food residue is no longer present, therefore it will not feed the bacteria and the acids that cause tooth decay will not be present. If you have yet to register with a local dentist, contact one of the dentists in Varsity Lakes, who would be happy to have you as a patient, and after an initial examination, the next check-up appointment can be made.

Why Mouthwash?

An antiseptic mouthwash, if used correctly, will flush out those minute particles of food that brushing and flossing missed, and the antiseptic solution will also kill bacteria and germs. The correct way to use mouthwash is to half-fill the mouth, then use your facial muscles to propel the liquid around your mouth, trying to force the liquid through the teeth. It might sting after a few minutes, but if you can stand 10-15 minutes of constant swilling, this will remove almost all of the remaining food residue in your mouth.

Pocket Ready Mouthwash

If you carry a small bottle, you can rinse after eating snacks, as they can also remain for a few hours until the next mealtime. Another good reason to carry mouthwash is you can easily freshen your breath, which gives you added self-confidence when talking to other people, especially at close range. 

Starving the Harmful Bacteria

If you follow a rigid routine of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, you are effectively starving the bacteria of what they need to form the harmful acids that erode your tooth enamel. Imagine you come home late one night – and decide to skip that evening’s brushing – the food residue will be in your mouth for quite a few hours; certainly long enough to start the chemical reaction of bacteria feeding and producing acid. 

If you wish to have healthy teeth and gums, you must adopt the right oral hygiene practices, and along with regular dental check-ups, your oral health can be monitored by a professional.

Teaching your kids to brush and floss correctly is a must, and don’t take their word for it; observe the odd session, without making it too obvious what you are doing. Once the habits are formed, they soon become second nature, and having good oral hygiene practices at an early age will stand you in good stead.

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