Activities for 2019: 4 Hobbies to Bring You Joy

Hobbies are a great way to shake up your routine and reinvigorate your mind. Even our deepest passions can become mundane when we look to them day-in, day-out. Trying new hobbies this year will give you the opportunity to discover new interests, grow as a person and expand your knowledge. Not sure what you want to try? Leave it to us! Here are four scientifically proven hobbies to make you happier. 


A lot of people mistakenly believe writing is something you’re born knowing how to do. The great authors either have it or they don’t. While it’s true not everyone is cut out to pen a bestseller, writing is an expressive hobby that stimulates your imagination and improves your mental health

There are many reasons why people write; the escape of a fictional world entirely their own can provide a sense of control and comfort when they feel lost in their own lives. Journaling can help you make sense of your emotions and uplift yourself. 


Bringing new life through gardening can help you relieve stress, build self-esteem and can even lower the risk of a heart attack and stroke in seniors. 

If you want to garden but don’t know how to start, the gardening guide for beginners by “Better Homes & Gardens” for beginners is a great resource. You may want to invest in a house plant like a peace lily or a fiddle-leaf fig instead. Houseplants are great for beginners and still have plenty of health benefits


Cycling is a great form of exercise and active hobby that allows you to get out in nature through beautiful trails. Biking lowers your risk for heart disease and obesity. It’s also a low-impact exercise so you can adjust the intensity to your preferences. Whether you just want to bike through the park on the weekends or enter a marathon, the choice is yours. There are also indoor training options if you’d rather stay a little more stationary than typical cyclists or if the weather is too cold for outdoor biking.


If you’d like a quiet hobby that brings some peace into your life, consider yoga. You can join a class or practice on your one with a suite of online lessons through YouTube. Yoga gives you a chance to improve your flexibility and balance while toning your muscles and honing your mind. Yoga is an excellent form of alternative exercise that can be practiced just about anywhere. From bedtime routines that use progressive muscle relaxation to stress-relieving stretches, there is a yoga session for every mood and occasion. 

Trying new hobbies will help you get in touch with a new part of yourself this year. Don’t be afraid to give many different hobbies a go. You might be surprised that one activity piques your interest in another. Curiosity has a domino effect. Let 2019 be the year you decide to forgo your everyday routine and live your life with new and exciting prospects.

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