A Detailed Guide to Microfiber Car Towels

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Have you ever used microfiber car towels? A soaring number of vehicle owners resort to using such cloths for cleaning their beloved autos. Apart from making auto surfaces look shiny, these towels are highly absorbent, environmentally friendly, durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. 

As long as you care for microfiber cloths properly, they will keep their high performance even after hundreds of washes. This material doesn’t work well with heat, as heat makes it shrink and reduces its water-absorbing properties.  The following guide will introduce you to the types, benefits, and care tips for such car cloths.


There are three types of microfiber towels to consider for car detailing, micro-chenille, general-purpose, and waffle weave. Micro-chenille cloths are usually available as sponge and mitt products. These are excellent for removing dirt, which makes them suitable for dusting the central console and dashboard of vehicles. They are lint-free and don’t scratch any of the surfaces in your auto. You should rinse them after each use. 

General-purpose microfiber towels are made from a combination of polyamide and polyester in an 80/20 or 70/30 ratio. Go here to learn about the properties of polyamide. As they have no specific purpose, you can use them for wiping glass, paint, leather, and plastic. Besides wiping, they are ideal for cleaning, drying, and buffing all sorts of surfaces. 

In contrast, waffle weave microfiber towels are ideal for buffing and polishing exteriors. Nevertheless, they have another fantastic purpose of cleaning glass and windows. These are less thick than general-purpose cloths and completely lint-free. Waffle weave towels dry quickly and are less likely to leave streaks. 

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Reasons to use them

Vehicle owners are highly recommended to use microfiber towels during car detailing, especially as a way to keep ceramic coating in perfect condition. These cloths attract the dirt and grease left behind following a wash. Other towel materials, mainly cotton, might cause oil and dirt to smudge, making your vehicle look even dirtier. Since microfiber is positively charged, it automatically attracts particles that are negatively charged, such as grease and dirt.

Another incredible property of microfiber is the incredible absorbing nature of this material, which is much more absorbent than cotton. It absorbs seven times its own weight in water. Due to the fantastic ability of these towels to soak up water, you would invest much less effort in drying the car. Other benefits that come with the high rate of absorbency are reduced wastage, saved time, and better productivity. 

A spotless finish is another reason to give microfiber car towels a try. This material leaves no lint at all. No swirls or streaks are left as well, which facilitates the chore of cleaning car windows. There is a large selection of microfiber car towels to choose from. The fibers in these cloths are finer than human hair. Hence, they are incredibly soft on the paintwork of vehicles. 

Just imagine cleaning your car and coming across a scratch once you are done. Fortunately, microfiber towels pose no risk of scratches. In the end, your vehicle will look brand new, free of any blemishes and marks. 

Another reason to use such towels is their environmentally-friendly properties. They can be used without cleaning detergents or getting wet. Microfiber cloths don’t depend on water or cleaning products to demonstrate their best performance. This aspect makes them eco-friendly. Even in situations when water is necessary to eliminate stubborn stains, much less water is needed in comparison to other cloth materials. 

Additionally, microfiber car towels are a cost-effective solution compared to cloths made from other fabrics. They can withstand more than a hundred washes before noticing any difference in their performance. Consequently, you won’t be spending too much of your budget on replacements. 

These cloths can lower costs in yet another way by picking up the tiniest dirt particles. Water alone can be used to clean your vehicle, meaning no money is spent on cleaning supplies. Besides saving money, you will avoid exposure to possibly harmful chemicals. 

Another potential benefit of using microfiber car towels for the health of auto owners and passengers is their ability to lower bacteria by as much as 99%. On the other end of the spectrum, cotton rags reduce only thirty percent of germs. A vehicle is a thriving place for germs and bacteria, as they get trapped easily. Germs tend to multiply in hot environments, such as the interior of vehicles. This URL, https://www.news-medical.net/news/20220203/Study-finds-higher-levels-of-germs-inside-cars-than-the-average-toilet.aspx, leads to a study that claims higher levels of germs are found inside autos than the average toilet. 

Last but not least, microfiber car towels are long-lasting and incredibly durable. These cloths are less prone to ripping, fraying, and wearing. Surprisingly enough, according to certain studies, the performance of these towels improved after seventy-five washes and started to decrease following 150 washes. Even after washing those more than 150 times, the cloths are still effective. 

How to care for them?

Individuals should take care of their microfiber towels properly so as to use them longer. When washing these cloths use cold water only, as hot water causes them to shrink. As mentioned already, microfiber is responsible for producing positive charges opposite to dirt. Nevertheless, bleach and fabric softeners tend to reduce the fabric’s positive charge. 

Fabric softeners also reduce the capacity of these rags to absorb water and dirt. Therefore, avoid using bleach and harsh detergents. Heat is considered an enemy of this material, as the polyester in its composition gets ruined when dried on high heat. Air drying is recommended, but if you must use a dryer, use low heat. 

Moreover, these rags have multiple uses, such as dry-dusting, scrubbing, disinfection, wet-washing, polishing, and waxing. Their quality is based on their weight. The best ones weigh 400 grams per m2. Cloths of lower quality weigh 280, 250, or 200 grams. 

Final word

Taking car of your car is important. It is most likely one of your biggest investments. The next choice of car towel material for your vehicle should be microfiber. They are budget-friendly, long-lasting, and remarkably durable. Your vehicle will look spotless without using too much water and chemicals!

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