7 Travel Tips to Shoo Boredom Away from a Long Flight

Traveling is fun. Whether you are traveling abroad or locally, there’s always something exciting to do and to look forward to. Even the travel period to your main destination is already thrilling. Riding an airplane makes you appreciate the world from a higher perspective. It’s the fastest way to reach a certain place of travel, however, a long flight is sometimes a little too much for your energy to handle.

Boredom can easily strike throughout the whole flight because you cannot just do everything you want inside the airplane itself, and that’s especially true if you do not prepare yourself for the long flight. Well, good thing there are things you can do to help yourself shoo the boredom away from your long flight. Here are 7 travel tips:  


It would be weird if you don’t bring your cellphone, your tablet and your music device to your travel. Of course, you have them inevitably. They are used mainly for communication, for documentation and for entertainment purposes while you’re traveling.

For you to maximize their uses as they will be your constant buddies during your travel, make sure their battery power is enough to keep you company. Charge them before leaving for the flight itself, so that you can use them for a long time.


Make your travel time even more interesting and bearable by preparing songs you can listen to. They might help you stay awake and alive during the trip. Do not forget to include your favorite playlists. If you want to sleep and to be rested, choose relaxing and comforting songs and music. You can also put in some soft instrumentals to help you sleep and to also help your mind unwind and be peaceful.

Your long flight could also be a good opportunity for you to learn that song you’ve been wanting to sing along with its artist. Jamming with your sibling or friend, sharing earphones and enjoying some great music together create a fun airplane bonding concept too!


Cool airplanes have small televisions in front of the seats. Use them to fight off your boredom. If there’s none of them, you can use your laptop, tablet or cellphone to watch not just one but two or more movies as many as the travel time could cover and as much as you can. Continue to the next episode or finally finish that series you have been staying up all night for the whole week.

It’s like binge-watching at home, but here, you do it on the airplane, an even more unique and rare setting you don’t experience often. It would be a nice moment for you to enjoy watching quietly and undisturbed because you get your own good seat, and you can cry or laugh lightly while others are sleeping and doing their own thing.

Download and bring your movies and series. See to it that you can watch them offline. Make sure you have great storage for lots of them.


Sleeping isn’t always a sign of boredom. It’s also actually something fun because you get to rest well up above the clouds. Especially if that travel is a special and rare chance for you to take a big break from work and life’s responsibilities, sleeping is definitely not boring.

For you to have a cozy and delightful sleep, bring your essentials such as your favorite pillow, your huggable stuffed toy, your travel blanket, and your sleeping eye mask. These things can make your nap time a wonderful time. When you reach your destination, then you’re even more ready and dynamized to sniff all the fun vibes out there as you travel!  


Who says you can’t play games during your flight? Well, you can’t play tag or hide-and-seek, but you can play some mini-games with your companions. Mind games would be very interesting! They are beneficial to keep your mind active and fired up. You can play riddles, charades, Pictionary and other guessing games and mind games.

Friendly card games which won’t make a mess inside the plane would also be alright! As long as you keep your voices light and not loud and your movements not naughty, you can play some simple games. Make sure that if you will, no one, not even one, will be disturbed.


If you’re a bookworm, for sure, you will take the long flight as an agreeable opportunity to start reading that book you recently bought or to continue where your bookmark is at. It’s most likely a quiet time, so reading a book, whether it’s an actual book with those pleasant-smelling pages or an ebook, go pick it up and take your time!


If you can bring some small snacks in your hand-carry, do so and munch on them while waiting for the plane’s schedule. It’d be a boring time if you don’t have your precious delicacies with you’re while watching, reading or simply enjoying the world’s view from the window.



A long flight could be straining if you are not used to such long hours of sitting down and waiting to arrive at a certain destination. Make sure to make the most out of those long hours. Be reminded of these travel tips, and have a fun and relaxing time up there.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


21 thoughts on “7 Travel Tips to Shoo Boredom Away from a Long Flight

  1. These are some great ideas. I usually always have books and magazines with me, so that helps a ton.

  2. Do you believe me if I tell you that in my life I never took a plane? Incredible, is not it? But I keep this your blog post I wonder if I will be a good omen!

  3. I’ve never travelled by plane! However, long flights might be boring, indeed. I’ll keep your tips in mind for sure! 🙂

  4. I totally agree with these tips as I am always traveling. Sometimes the long hour flights are quite boring and I have been watching so many films, especially the one that I fly to LA USA, took me more than 17 plus hours direct. Luckily they have so many films on boards. And yes, I sleep quite a lot too.

  5. I used to love traveling on a plane. Read my book, watch a movie maybe have a nap. Now we have a toddler these things are a little different 😬😬

  6. I usually try and sleep most of the way so I’m well rested when I get there. I try to lessen jet lag a bit.

  7. Sounds like something I would let the kids do. haha I am not really that bored during flights. Usually, I sleep. I don’t really like talking to my seatmates. So I just enjoy my alone time.

  8. Travelling alone makes a trip more boring that too when your distance is long. But you have shared some great ideas, going to follow them in my next trip

  9. I like to sleep in long flights, that is the only way I can spend time. Thanks for sharing these tips I will keep in mind next time flying.

  10. These tips are really helpful especially when travelling alone and get bored. Thanks for sharing.

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