10 Most Romantic Getaways to Visit in 2017

Guest post contributed by Tony Solomon

Stuck in a rut, without ideas on where to spend the next holiday with your significant other? Maybe you want to surprise them for your next anniversary. Whatever the occasion, if you want to make it special, read our list of romantic getaways below and see what kind of a couple you qualify as. Sometimes, it is best to choose the destination not based on appearance only, but on what kind of travelers you are together. That alone could set the course for your next adventure. 

Belize for Adventurers

For those couples who crave adventure and mystery, travel to the sun-bathed Belize, Central America’s beautiful coastal region. Among many offers, you can visit Bacab Adventure & Eco Park and take a walk in the jungle with its endemic flora and fauna, or cave hike in Actun Tunichil Muknal to see the remains of Mayan sacrifices and have a genuinely bone-chilling experience. Exotic, mysterious, and with the scent of adventure in every corner of the jungle, cave and even in the ocean, Belize offers much to do on its coasts.

Napa Valley for Romantics

Those who are more romantically inclined, and wish to have their vacation be all about them, relaxation and fine wining and dining, then Napa Valley, California is for you. In Auberge du Soleil, one can find beautiful spas, a Michelin star restaurant, and rooms overlooking the vineyards. With a 33-acre olive grove and couples’ suites with authentic fireplaces, this is the perfect getaway for those couples who want to enjoy nothing else but each other’s company.

Ibiza for Party-goers

Perhaps considered mainstream, but one of the most popular party destinations nowadays is Ibiza, on the south-west coast of Spain. World-renown for its bustling nightlife and near-riotous night clubs, Ibiza’s party season starts in June and lasts until October. With beach parties, exclusive DJ sets and much more, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, the epicenters of the coastal nightlife are among the most praised tourist locations. Have an itch for great nights out with your significant other? The Ibiza’s cocktail and music filled nights are just for you.

Helsinki for Introverts

Finland is perhaps the best place for meditation and for those who just want some peace and quiet. With over forty national parks and a northern lights safari on snowmobiles, it offers a romantic getaway when you want a peaceful, low-key experience. Away from the bustling cityscapes and crowds, opt for Helsinki, a small, museum-filled city on the waterfront. The lush green scapes, friendly residents and the lack of tourists is bound to tip the scales in the favor of Finland. Along with your partner, you can appreciate the details it has to offer far from any commotion.

Rome for Explorers

If both of you are the educational type and love your romantic trips laden with history, then Italy is the right country for you. When visiting Rome, you can take a tour guide to the Coliseum, or take a breathtaking walk through the Vatican Museums, and see Michelangelo’s work firsthand or just enjoy the great Italian food. Or, should your trip take you there, stroll through Venice’s square during Carnival days while learning about its rich history. Italy feels heavy with man-made history at every step and is ideal for those who want to share it with their beloved.

Toronto for Foodies

The soulful gastronomes have nothing to fear, we have destinations for them as well. Toronto, Canada, offers a Chinatown and Kensington Market Street food tour for dietary adventurers. For two days, you can take wonderful walks down the Toronto streets while the whiffs of street and restaurant cuisine sweep you off your feet. Discover the best dim sum and award-winning Asian comfort food, and share the tastiest experiences with your loving “partner in crime”.

Maldives for Extravagants

Craving something pricier? A once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza that you will remember for the rest of your life? Then try the Maldives. A decadent choice, but one that will have you feeling like an emperor of a small island. The ocean right below your hut’s balcony, beach massages and cold cocktails in the warm sun are just a small taste of the experiences. You can go snorkeling, dolphin watching, island hopping and so much more. The perfect getaway that will have you forget about your old life for as long as you are there.

Georgia for Vagabonds

Those who carry the road in their hearts can become one with the highway on their way to the Golden Isles of Georgia. This low country coastal region is striped with marshes, rivers, and estuaries, and its breathtaking scenic route is romantic in itself. The local Cloister hotel has welcomed many honeymooners over the past seven decades, and it’s kept a record of them ever since. Especially spectacular are the sunrises over the marshes. Bound to make your joint fast moving spirits take a few days in the slow lane.

Scotland for Mystery Lovers

Those who find castles and the cold stone more to their liking, with the air of decadent mystery, can always go to Scotland. More specifically, to Culzean Castle in Maybole, Ayrshire. This Scottish gem is located on a cliff, overlooking the Firth of Clyde. It features guided tours of its astounding interior, a deer park and several beaches to explore. Walk hand in hand with your significant other while breathing in the air of centuries passed in this awe-inspiring castle.

Thailand for Escapists

Those who have a peculiar taste in discovery and the untamed can always opt for Thailand. Khao Sok national park, specifically, is placed smack-dab in the middle of dense foliage and towering treetops. Where small mammals like sloths and the large ones, like bison roam free, your stay is going to be as authentic as it can get. You can also go kayaking, and enjoy the deep blue of the lakes from your treehouse accommodation, Thailand’s by now regular offer.

Last, but not Least

As much as we all loved to plan fun trips, the one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked, is our own health. Visiting a men’s health clinic prior to the journey is strongly advised, as plenty of these high-end destinations require you to be of optimal health, have specific vaccinations, and some kind of health insurance. So be sure to prepare well in advance, and bring enough money to ensure a carefree trip. Because with that out of the way, the best part is finding out what kind of a couple you and your significant other are, and ensure that you pick something both will remember for years to come.

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