7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cheese

Everyone loves cheese. However, even though cheese is a delicious food, it is also ranked in the same category as other unfriendly foods because it has high-fat content. However, ignorance on our party drives part of these sentiments because when you take your cheese in moderation, it can be very healthy. Besides, different types of cheese have different fat, salt, and protein content. Before you dismiss it from your diet, here are 7 main advantages of eating cheese as gathered from dieticians, nutritionists, and food experts.

  1. Cheese Enhances Healthy Bones

Eating cheese is good for bone health because it is made from milk. Milk has a high calcium content that is good for the formation of strong bones. In addition to calcium, cheese also contains phosphorus and potassium albeit in small quantities. These two minerals are good for the formation of strong, healthy teeth. Potassium and phosphorus also prevent tooth decay, erosion of the enamel as well as cavities. For optimum teeth health, try the parmesan and cheddar cheeses, take it moderately because 215 grams of cheddar cheese can meet all of your daily calcium requirements in the body.

  1. Cheese Can Help Your Body Keep Diabetes At Bay

Because of the butyrates content in almost all cheeses, this is going to help your body avoid Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers say they think the butyrates help the human body to use insulin more effectively and in that case, the body is better able to manage its levels of blood sugar. Just by eating two slices of cheese every day, you can reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 12 percent.

  1. Cheese Is Good For Lactose Intolerance Victims

During the manufacturing process of cheese, most of the lactose is extracted from cheese. This means you can still eat cheese and not suffer the effects of lactose intolerance that you experience when you drink milk. However, you are advised to start with a small slice of cheese and see how your stomach will handle it. You can eat more later.

  1. It Is A Healthy Additive To Your Diet

Feta cheese has the lowest quantity of fat and calories. Mozzarella follows closely. Both of these cheeses are considered as low-fat cheese and they should constitute a good portion of your daily meals. The good news is that these cheeses are very easy to incorporate in many recipes at home. For example, you can add mozzarella cheese to an omelet, or slice Feta cheese into small cubes and add them to your healthy salads.

  1. Cheese Can Help Increase Your Muscle Mass

With a high content of protein, cheese is going to help increase your muscle mass. Protein comes from amino acids, which are responsible for forming the building blocks for muscle tissues. If you would like to receive a good boost of protein to help build muscle mass, you should eat ricotta cheese. You will love this cheese because it is tastier and more nutritious than milkshakes. You can eat it with nuts and fruits or with toast, as you may please.

  1. Cheese Can Help In Weight Loss

Because cheese contains butyrates that boost the metabolic power of the body, you are bound to burn fat faster and thus lose weight even faster. When the metabolism is chugging along nicely, you will enjoy healthier and improved digestion. The cheeses that contain the highest quantity of butyrates include gouda, cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese. You can add one of these cheeses into your daily meals to enjoy the weight loss and management benefits.

  1. Cheese Is A Great Comfort Food

Cheese is a great food to cheer you up when you are feeling all beaten and down. If you need to lift your spirits, take some cheese and it will comfort you. You can take cheese comfortably, bearing in mind that it is a healthier option as compared to foods like ice cream, sweets, and chips. You can take a small slice of cheese with some nuts or you can take a slice of cheese with sliced strawberries, mangoes, figs or even apples. Do not take too much cheese, just a slice or two. It is better to take small quantities more often than a huge quantity all at once.


Overeating of cheese can have you many health risks for the human body. But the moderate eating of cheese can have you the above-mentioned benefits as well. If cheese is not on your diet list, may you have one of the best cheese making equipment available in the market and start making cheese at home. If you have been making cheese at home for a while, you may need cheese cloth bags for easy use and cleaning. It is a very handy bag to support your passion for making and eating cheese.


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  1. I like that you mentioned how eating cheese is good for bone health because it is made from milk. I didn’t know that cheese is actually very healthy, I always thought it was an unhealthy type of food. Then I think we should try eating more cheese, especially other types, like Hispanic cheese.

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