5 Ways to Find the Best Shopping Mall Deals 

Many of us love the idea of getting involved with retail therapy. After a long week at work, going out with friends and family to a shopping mall can be incredibly relaxing. In fact, it can be very rewarding if you know how to find the best shopping deals available. Securing a great bargain is every shopper’s dream!

When it comes to finding the best shopping mall deals, do your research. Although deals can be found virtually anywhere you go, discovering the best ones will take some time. You’ll have to be resourceful in your approach in order to determine where those great deals are hidden. Thankfully, many of them can be uncovered using a bit of ingenuity. 

Here is how to locate those best shopping mall deals:

1. Shopping Apps 

In our current day and age, you’ll seldom find some sort of business that doesn’t have a digital presence. Many retail stores found in shopping malls, however, should have their own designated app. The information you find here can give you some insight into how the store operates. 

For example, you’ll be able to discover upcoming promotional services to get excited about. Or these apps can show you what deals are present. Sometimes, this detail may not be readily available inside the actual store. Always double check with the app first, before asking around for more. 

2. Mailing Lists 

One excellent method to use when researching potential deals is to check online, like the Newmarket Shopping Plaza website. Usually, if you do some investigation, you’ll be able to become more informed with what’s available. If you plan on staying in the loop, look for a way to sign up for future deals from that store. 

Mailing lists are an excellent way to stay updated with store and mall services. On the other hand, stores regularly use mailing lists to send out dedicated deals to those who signed up. You may get an excellent bargain on a product here, which you wouldn’t have known about previously. It never hurts to sign up for these emails, just in case. 

3. Loyalty Programs 

Many shopping malls have their own unique services that cater towards customer needs in totality. One of these services comes via loyalty programs, which are distinct services given to loyal customers. If you plan on signing up for one of these programs, you may be introduced to a myriad of deals. 

Loyalty programs are distinct for providing members with one-of-a-kind deals and promotions. For example, customers may be invited to shop in these malls at special times as well. During these times, exclusive deals may be found that can’t be discovered at any other times. 

4. Markdowns 

Some products may be set at a high enough price one day, and then suddenly go down just a few days later. Markdowns can happen spontaneously, and it is important to keep track of these as you travel from mall to mall. Make a note of which product you’re interested in. Look for it at specific times during the week! 

5. Group Discounts

Are you a post-secondary student that has started, or in the middle of, their degree? Many shopping malls offer specialized group discounts, which come with awesome deals. Always consult mall services, to see if you qualify. 


If you are looking for group discounts, don’t be afraid to ask store associates! These folks have firsthand knowledge of what’s on sale in the respective store. Always stay curious, and you will find the deals you are in search of! 


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