7 Signs You Should Run Away From a Job Opportunity

Even when times are tough, you should still give some thought to any job opportunity that comes your way. Though there are plenty of openings for Makati jobs and other jobs based in the Philippines, not all of them are going to be right for you. Some of them might leave you burnt out, underpaid, undervalued, or worse. Below are some of the telltale signs that a job is one that you may want to avoid.

1.) The Employer Won’t Give You a Contract

If your prospective employer refuses to give you a contract or isn’t too happy about giving you one, it’s probably a sign that nothing good will come out of accepting the job. 

Contracts are, theoretically, there to protect both the employer and their employees. In more practical terms, however, employees tend to be at a disadvantage when dealing with employers, and thus, contracts are more important to them. 

If an employer refuses to give a contract or seems disinterested in giving you one, that may mean that they either want to take undue advantage of you or that they’re sloppy with important details. Either scenario isn’t good and should send you looking for some other employment opportunity.

2.) Extremely High Employee Turnover Rates

High turnover rates have to be understood in context. What is high for one industry may be quite normal for another. That said, if the employer you’re considering is known for high employee turnover rates within their industry, it can mean different things. It may mean that the employer offers an extremely challenging work environment, it has toxic management, or both. 

While you shouldn’t necessarily ditch a job offer over high employee turnover rates, you should do a bit more research to find out what the real score is. The job may turn out to be an experience you could grow from—or one that you regret.

3.) They Won’t Divulge Basic Details

If the employer refuses or is unable to state a salary range, basic responsibilities, or even the expected working hours, chances are it’s because they know you won’t like the answer. 

If you lack experience, there’s probably nothing wrong with applying and accepting a job offer under these circumstances. However, if you could wait or do have other options lined up, you might want to look at those other ones first.

4.) Negative Reviews and Feedback

It’s normal for most companies and nonprofits to have at least a few negative reviews from former employees. When an organization gets big enough, it’s bound to have a few negative reviews on employee review sites like Glassdoor, Pinoy Exchange, Reddit Philippines, and others. However, if the reviews seem overwhelmingly skewed towards the negative, you may want to do a bit more research about the specific complaints being brought up.

5.) They Were in the News—and Not for a Good Reason

If the company was in the news because of unfair labor practices or because they were caught doing other illegal things, you should at least reconsider the job offer. If these events are part of a repeating pattern, then working there may potentially have serious consequences for you.

In any case, you shouldn’t have to be ashamed of the organization you work for. You’ll probably be better motivated and do a better job if you’re employed at a place you’re proud of. You’ll probably sleep better too.

6.) The Old Bait-and-Switch

A “bait-and-switch” is a situation where someone advertises one thing and delivers something else. In this case, it means that they might advertise a certain job position and salary, but offer you a different position and lower salary during or after the interview. While a few employers would disagree, most people would consider bait-and-switch job postings to be unethical. 

Unfortunately, bait-and-switch is a very common practice in the Philippine job market. If your prospective employer tries it on you, you should consider walking away from it. The kinds of work cultures that do these hiring tactics are likely to be dishonest and unethical in other areas as well. 

7.) Too Much Red Tape

An overabundance of paper forms and silly, pointless processes is a reliable indicator of an organization that’s not interested in innovation. If you’re someone who seeks career growth, an exciting environment, or the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of your industry, you might not find what you’re looking for in that company.


Not all job opportunities are the same, and some are much better than others. If any of the warning signs above apply, you should probably tread carefully and look at the other job postings you’ve shortlisted. Hang in there, and keep doing your homework. One day, you’re bound to land a career that you love. Good luck!

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