The Importance of Signage for Your Business and How It Can Help You Stand Out?

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How many times have you relied on signage to get to a destination? Even with Google Maps, it’s common to look for physical signs to confirm what the devices say. For a business, signage does more than just identify a location. Signs are helpful in creating awareness, advertising, and drawing attention to a business. What’s more, there’s statistical proof that signage influences customer behavior. Whether you own a business or wish to begin one, it’s important to know why signage matters. 

The importance of signage for your business

  • Signs are a multipurpose business communication tool 

Businesses of all kinds have used signage for different purposes. A sign can be designed to advertise products and services, convey important information such as working hours, for aesthetics, promote brand awareness, and show direction, among others. The best part is that a single sign can be used for a combination of two, three, or more purposes. For instance, signs displaying a special message can include a logo, a company’s name, and its colors to promote brand awareness. 

  • Signage offers a cost-effective marketing opportunity

Signs come in handy for businesses that want a cost-effective option for marketing. This is because creating signage isn’t as expensive as most advertisement methods. Besides, your business will bear a one-off cost and once installed indoors or outdoors, your message is displayed 24/7 and for the long haul. In this case, one sign keeps prompting your business for the long term.

It’s important to note that signage is very effective in marketing. As per 2021 statistics by Screen Fluency, 76 percent of Americans enter a shop after seeing its attractive signage. Additionally, 68 percent of these curious visitors end up purchasing something from the business even if they didn’t plan to.

  • Signage promotes brand awareness

It’s the goal of any business to get as many people as possible interacting with its brand. A brand’s popularity increases its chances of success. And signs can help your business attain the visibility it needs to thrive.

Signage is effective in brand promotion because human beings learn better from visual media. Good imagery and uniquely-designed messages draw attention and cause viewers to concentrate on them longer. This enables the message to stick in their minds. 

When you add your logo, brand colors, and business name to your signs, people see it and will remember it. Just make sure there’s consistency in your branding in all signs you design. It helps to place signs in different locations with high traffic. The more times viewers see those signs, the higher their likelihood to remember your brand. This familiarity can be nurtured into brand loyalty. Loyal consumers can become brand ambassadors and share about your brand with others when the need arises.  

  • Signs convey crucial information 

Signs come in handy when businesses need a clear and non-complicated method of passing useful information. Businesses have used signage to show directions to their premises, display working hours, and notify consumers about a move to a new premise, and more. Indoor business signs can also direct customers on where to go while inside a store. Customers depend on these signs to figure out how to navigate through your store. Such signage helps avoid confusion, minimize congestion, and ease queue management. 

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Signs are also deployed to convey information about health and safety either at the workplace, shopping malls and other places. A simple sign such as “slippery floor” or “men at work” can help prevent a lot of accidents. In the wake of Covid 19, signs reminding people to wash hands or wear masks and indicating hand wash stations have become a common sight. These go a long way in reminding people to take the necessary measures to stay safe at the stores or the workplace. 

How can signage help you stand out?

A creative, attractive sign does more than just market your brand or inform customers. It draws viewers to your brand and makes them want to be associated with it. Unique signage will also enable your business to get noticed quickly, therefore, gaining you a competitive edge in your market. Thanks to today’s technology, businesses have numerous options when it comes to materials, design models, and placement styles they can use to make engaging signage that viewers can hardly ignore.   

Final thoughts 

Signs are helpful tools that if designed properly will supercharge your business’s marketing efforts. A well-designed sign will create a good first impression and attract viewers to your store. Your business can make and deploy signs at a lower cost compared to other ongoing marketing tactics, yet they offer continuous sales returns. Additionally, signs can be mobile – think of vehicle wraps, standing teardrop flags, and trade show displays. These spread the word about your brand in different locations to increase reach. 

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