7 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Women

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The accessory cabinet of every woman deserves to be equipped with at least 7 popular must-have fashion pieces. This helps in enhancing her fashion statement. It also offers a bold touch that complements and finishes different styles. 

Stylish accessories come in handy in spicing up and punctuating the contents of your wardrobe. They can take a simple outfit from basic to gorgeous or elegant. Their magic touch also does the trick in elevating your glamour and polishing your fashion sense. To pull through the day with a feeling of contention, comfort, and confidence, one must know how to pair up and match each accessory to the immediate body and footwear.

Accessories come in different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and quality. You can blend a minimum of two fashion pieces for that ultimate look. Depending on your preference, it is important to note that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to accessorizing. As long as it makes you comfortable, and happy and you can afford it, then you need not shy away from proudly stepping out in it.

Which 7 Accessories Must a Woman Own?

1. Classy Handbags

Some people prefer large-sized handbags while others like smaller ones. Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to this type of accessory. One thing that we can all agree on, however, is that it adds a lot of glamour to any mode of dressing.

A handbag also comes in handy when you have other accessories and items that you like carrying around. It is recommendable to choose the color wisely so that it isn’t too off as compared to the other shades that you’ll be wearing. You can also carry a bag that matches at least one of your clothes or the rest of your accessories.

The occasion, weather, and activities at hand play a major role in your decision on the type of handbag to carry at that particular time. You can opt for a large bag if you have many items to carry, a clutch bag for a night out or dinner date, a sling bag for a long occasion, to mention but a few.

2. Rings/ Eternity Ring

Every woman has a secret wish of turning heads and calling for attention when she gets into a room or some other space. If you fall in this category, then diamond eternity rings are the way to go. This type of ring from Adinas Jewels is specifically designed to complement your entire structure, with your whole outfit included.

Eternity rings are designed in a stylish way, whereby a band is surrounded by a strip of precious metals or stones such as gold, diamonds, or other gemstones. The ring can consist of one of these or a combination of both. It symbolizes infinite and eternal love from a spouse if it came from them as a gift, and the same deep affection for yourself if you purchased it on your own. 

3. Watches, Bracelets, and Wristbands

Wrist accessories speak boldly of your personality. A watch plays double roles: showing time and standing in as a stylish fashion piece. There are a variety of sizes, models, brands, colors, and materials to choose from. You can get a watch at any price depending on your budget.

Bracelets and wristbands are another set of hand accessories a woman should never lack. Bracelets are created in plain designs or with additional details to suit your fashion taste. The material used to make these items range from metal, and silver, to gold, with attachments such as diamonds and other precious stones.

4. Belts

Belt sizes range from thin to large ones. The material used to make them also differs but the most popular belts are made of leather. One thing that makes them stand out as must-have accessories is that they can be worn over anything. Shorts, dresses, large-sized t-shirts, trousers, and other types of outfits can be glammed a notch higher with slim, medium-sized, or huge tummy belts.

5. Necklace

Most of the time when you are talking to or just standing in front of someone, the first accessory they notice is your necklace. This should give you another reason to stock up on your necklace collection. They come in bold or thin sizes. If you like metallic, golden, diamond, or pearl necklaces, you have more than you can choose from. You can wear high-end necklaces for an elegant finish and to highlight your bold taste in style. Some go well with collared clothes while others work best for bare-necked outfits.

6. Earrings

Earrings are simple accessories yet very important for unleashing your feminine side. The day’s occasion or type of clothing plays a major role in determining which earrings to put on. For instance, some job environments don’t allow chunky or multi-colored earrings but simple earrings such as studs are okay. For someone working in such a place, you must know your way around what is suitable and what isn’t. Again, for a classy party or dinner, that pair of diamond earrings sounds like the perfect idea.

7. Scarfs

Scarfs come in handy during the cold-weather season but are also a great way to accessorize on hot days. The main catch is knowing whether to go for the heavy or light one. They can be tied around the neck or attached to the side of your handbag until you require to wear them. 

Besides shielding you from cold or dust, you can also put it on your head to protect your hair from damage, especially during the rainy season. The material ranges from cotton to, silk among others. If you want to save money and have a good scarf at the same time, you can derive material from the dresses you no longer wear and embark on a do-it-yourself mission of a home-designed scarf.


With accessories, a woman is always spoiled for choice. Bew designs find their way into the market every other day so you have more than you can ever exhaust. Once you realize how to blend, mix and match your additional fashion pieces with your main outfits, then you will gain the much-desired confidence to wear anything you like. The best thing to do is be bold and sure about your style of choice.


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