Tips For Perfecting Your Sleek Look For A Night Out Downtown

The weekend’s coming up, and you’re looking forward to going downtown to do something fun like a nice dinner or a show. There’s just one problem: you have no idea how to dress to show the world what a stylish and urbane person you are. Have no fear, because we’re here to help. These tips will help you pick out a sleek wardrobe so you’ll always be prepared to hit the town with style.

1. Pick Clothes That Fit

It seems self-evident that you should pick clothes that actually fit your body, but this is the number one style rule that people break. Part of the problem is that many people don’t actually know how clothes should fit. Shirts shouldn’t hang like loose bags from your shoulders, but they shouldn’t hug your torso either. The happy medium is a tailored cut that follows the lines of the body without actually being skin-tight. The seam between the shirt’s shoulders and sleeves should fall right at the spot where your arm and shoulder meet. For pants, look for trousers that are snug enough to stay up without a belt and avoid hems that drag along the floor.

2. Avoid Clashing Colors And Patterns

Although day-glow colors and funky patterns have their place in the fashion world, they should be avoided if you’re going for a sleek look. The name of the game here is dark colors and neutrals. If you want to incorporate a bright color or a statement pattern, try pairing shirts and pants in subdued hues with funky socks or a fun pocket square. Traditional patterns like pinstripes, houndstooth, and polka dots are alright for shirts and pants, but avoid particularly garish iterations of these patterns, and don’t mix multiple patterns if you can help it.

3. Think About Where You Will Be Wearing Your Outfits

One of the most important aspects to consider when figuring out what clothes to wear is the context the clothes will be worn. Before buying new clothes, think about the sorts of events you go to. If you often find yourself in trendy bars or rock shows, stay away from formal options and instead invest in high-quality jeans and casual button-downs. If fine dining is more your style, consider picking up one or two well-tailored suits.

4. The Devil Is In The Details

The wrong accessories can ruin even the sleekest evening looks. Many people ruin otherwise well-planned outfits with beat-up tennis shoes or questionable hats. To ensure that your outfits fly from top to bottom, invest in both black and brown leather dress shoes, with belts to match. Never mix black shoes with a brown belt. And get rid of that Velcro wallet. Get a stylish minimalist wallet that makes you look like an adult and reduces unsightly pocket bulges. Make sure that your glasses, like those at All About Eyes, work well with your outfit. Not only do they need to work well with your face shape but the colors you wear most often as well. Most importantly, avoid accessories that look cool on their own but don’t go with your outfit.

With these rules in hand, you should have no problem picking out sleek evening looks no matter your own personal style. Remember that style is a way to express yourself and try to apply these tips in a way that makes sense to you without hiding what makes you unique. No one wants to go out downtown to find a sea of people in identical tailored jeans and pinstriped shirts. The most important thing is that the outfit you choose for evening activities makes you feel confident.

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