The 7 Gemstones That You Need To Own

When it comes to adding pieces to your jewelry collection and accessories, you may be tempted to add everything that you find. We don’t blame you because it is all designed to be beautiful. However, if you find that you are collecting too much, you might want to reconsider what you have in your box. Here are the 7 gemstones that you should consider owning.


Probably the most famous gem in the world and considered a girl’s best friend. The diamond is known for its sparkle and toughness. However, diamond crime and fake diamonds have been the subject of a lot of news over the last few years so it is best to educate yourself before buying. Check out for more information.


Considered the Queen of Gems for nearly 6,000 years, the pearl is unique. Unlike other gems which are formed underground, pearls are formed in the mouths of mollusks. Strands of pearl necklaces can sell for thousands of dollars. It is possible to get imitation pearls but they lack that shine and texture that comes with the real thing.


Rubies are red and known for being a gemstone of queens. Rings and necklaces were once a favorite of royalty to wear and were often covered in rubies. This gemstone is an excellent choice if you want jewelry that is striking and bold. 


Another stone that is associated with royalty is the sapphire. This blue gemstone was the stone of choice for Princess Diana’s engagement ring (which now belongs to Princess Kate). Princess Diana decided against getting a custom ring when she got engaged and chose a ring that regular people could buy. Just another way that she proved she was the People’s Princess.


This gemstone should be known for more than a city that Dorathy traveled to in the Wizard of Oz. Emerald has been considered a beautiful gemstone since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Known for their green color, emeralds are rarer than diamonds and often have a hefty price tag to go with them. Green glass is often used as a substitute but nothing beats the real thing.

Cats Eye

The Cats Eye Gemstone is a name for a stone that has the appearance of a cat’s eye after it has been cut and polished. Tigers Eye is one of the most popular choices and was very cheap to buy in the 1990s. However, now they have a large price and can be difficult to get your hands on. So, if you find one at the bottom of your jewelry box, don’t throw it out because they are becoming very rare.


This stone is one of the most expensive in the world and you have probably never heard of it. Alexandrite can change color depending on the light that it is viewed under, and the price tag is amazing. For a good quality stone, prices range upwards from $50,000 per carat. That makes it one of the most expensive gems in the world!

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