5 Top Baby Shower Gifts Guaranteed to Become the Favorite

If your best friend, sister, daughter-in-law, or even next-door neighbor is throwing a baby shower in the next few weeks or months, then you are encouraged to bring a fabulous, baby-inspired gift along with you.

So, with that being said, here for your information and, of course, reading pleasure, are the top five baby shower gifts guaranteed to be the favorite of the mommy-to-be.

Magnetic Baby Grows

The first item on the list of the best baby shower gifts is that of a beautifully soft set of baby grows that fasten using magnetics rather than Velcro, poppers, or zippers.

There is a never-ending choice of patterns, materials, and sizes available, and you don’t necessarily have to stop at baby grows; there are also jumpsuits, hoodies, and even trousers that fasten at the back using magnets.

Baby First-Aid Basket

Obviously, in an ideal world, there will be no need for your loved one to ever need a first-aid baby basket, but in reality, in this not so ideal world, an incredibly handy and exceedingly thoughtful gift would be something that they can keep for those little and often unavoidable emergencies.

Giving the gift of assorted baby healthcare medicines to cater to a variety of accidents and incidents is the gift that will keep on giving (although hopefully, not too often!)

A Gift Hamper

Everyone, regardless of whether they are soon to be expecting a bundle of joy to arrive in the next few months or not, loves to receive a gift hamper, and the beauty of gifting such an item for a baby shower is that you can tailor-make the hamper to include gifts for the baby and the mom-to-be as well. 

For all your baby’s needs, shop AnB Baby, for not just a fantastic AnB Baby baby shower present for your best friend but also for your own child or children, if you have any. 


Another extremely thoughtful gift to take along to your loved one’s impending baby shower is a set of beautifully embroidered and super-soft baby swaddling blankets.

The practice of swaddling a baby to provide safety and warmth is one that can be traced all the way back to ancient times and can also help prevent the baby from becoming startled and jerking their body painfully during sleep. Other benefits of using swaddling blankets is that they can help calm the baby down when they are overstimulated and also to provide a comforting place to sleep for perhaps longer periods of time than without the blanket.

Portable Diaper Box Caddy

Finally, in an effort to make the first few months of your loved one’s fie slightly and admittedly only slightly easier, another fantastic gift idea for a baby shower would be a portable diaper box caddy. 

Not only can she change the baby comfortably, but she can also bring the diaper station along with her when she takes her baby to visit her close friends and family members, and such a caddy even provides a safe and secure place to keep used diapers, so no offensive smells creep out!


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