5 Software Programs You Need To Know About For Business

Whether you are running a startup or an established business, handling many tasks at the same time can be a real challenge. That is why it is important to have professional business management software. They will ensure that you run your business without major challenges.

Here are the five best software programs you need to know about for your business.


Nothing feels better than being able to manage your project. Today, without an elaborate project management tool, your competitors will always bet you. That is the reason we want to begin by telling you about nTask.

nTask comes with a wide range of features to provide you with a lot of important solutions your projects need. It seems like a simple platform, but it has everything you need to keep your rivals on toes.

It lets you collaborate with your employees and achieve all goals that make sense to your small or medium-sized business. With nTask, you can see what lies ahead of your project. That way, you will always make futuristic decisions.


Would you like to improve the way your team collaborates? Why don’t you try Slack? This software is designed to help you get a lot of things done in the nick of time. Regardless of the stage, your company is at, Slack has the best features for you. It has important features that you can use to improve the quality of communication in the workplace.

Whether you would like to give new employees orientation or to share important files, you need to begin using Slack. It features many channels for different teams. Slack also comes with hundreds of integrations that will enhance the overall performance of your business. The integrations save you time because you won’t have to hop from one application to another to execute important business functions.


Accounting is another important thing every business needs to take seriously. When it comes to financial management, FreshBooks is one of the best programs you can find out there. It has a wide range of accounting features that are also very easy to use. With the software, you won’t spend a lot of time creating invoices and tracking expenses.

It has a native time tracking feature that you can use to see how your teams spend their time. You will also be able to bill your clients well. Besides helping you with accounting, FreshBooks can also be used to take care of important projects in an organization.


Would you like to achieve and manage asset reliability and integrity? The intercom has everything you need for that. It is about ensuring that you provide the best customer support. It helps you win the trust of your customers because you will give them the best experience.

Intercom combines user insights and Artificial Intelligence and lets you automate your communication with clients. It makes this possible thanks to customer profiles and customer segmentation.

It comes with more features such as targeted personalized messages and live chats. That way, you will be able to manage your customer requests in the most professional ways possible.

Bamboo HR

You can use BambooHR as business management software, but it is more than that. Business owners can also use the software to get the best workers to join their teams. BambooHR is more of a functional tool that you can use to manage the profiles of your workers. This tool helps you manage your assets based on their employee onboarding, performance metrics, and offboarding activities.

Even if you are away from your workplace, you can use BambooHR to ensure that things move as planned. Note that this tool will get rid of the traditional methods of storing employee details on cupboards. Everything will be stored, and you can easily retrieve them with a few clicks. Thus, consider using BambooHR today to keep things organized in your company.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the best types of software programs your business needs to function optimally. Note that you can use all of them at the same time. They come with different features that will help you take care of various departments in the organization. Despite being sophisticated, the software programs are very easy to use. Have you ever tried any of the tools mentioned above? Kindly share your experience below.


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