5 Signs That Divorce Is Imminent

Like many couples who get married, you assumed you and your spouse would have decades of happiness and grow old together. Yet somewhere along the way, something changed in your marriage. Before you knew it, you and your spouse are anything but a loving couple, and you now feel as if divorce is a possibility. If you are still unsure about getting divorced, here are five strong signs that almost always mean divorce is imminent.

You Avoid One Another

Whereas at the beginning of your marriage you never wanted to be away from your spouse, the two of you now do all you can to avoid one another. If you are staying away from home as much as possible to keep from being around your spouse, you probably need a divorce.

You Live Like Roommates

If your relationship is one where both of you are living together like roommates rather than a married couple, it is likely the love has gone out of your relationship. In most cases, this will mean sleeping in separate bedrooms and having no desire for displays of affection.

You Always Argue

When the time comes that you and your spouse cannot discuss the simplest issue without having it turn into an argument, you may want to consult with a divorce lawyer and begin serious planning for a divorce. Whether you are having arguments about money, how to raise your children, or who should be doing which household chores, constant arguing is usually a sign the marriage is over.

Different Paths

The longer you have been married to your spouse, the more you have realized each of you is on a different life path. For example, you may want to focus mostly on your career, while your spouse is eager to start a family. No matter the differences, knowing each of you now want different things out of life will make it very hard to be compatible with each other. Rather than continue to deal with conflict after conflict, seeking a divorce may be the best option.

Friends and Family See It Coming

Finally, if you have friends and family telling you time and time again that they see divorce on the horizon, it is something you should think about very carefully. Since those you love and trust can often see things from a very different perspective, you should pay attention and take their advice.


While divorce is stressful, it is also a chance to leave an unhappy relationship and move forward with your life. Once you know divorce is inevitable, contact a divorce lawyer and get the process started as soon as possible.


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