5 Outdoor Activities to Explore Around the Great Smoky Mountains


Are you looking for a stunning and unforgettable location to explore the great outdoors on your next adventure? The Great Smoky Mountains, located in North Carolina and Tennessee, offer an abundance of breathtaking vistas, forests filled with wildlife, and exciting outdoor activities that could give you the escape from everyday life that you crave.

From visiting awe-inspiring waterfalls to discovering caves full of history and mystery, these are some of the most incredible experiences that can be had while traveling near one of America’s oldest mountain ranges. Embark on a journey into nature like never before and get lost in what makes the Great Smoky Mountains so extraordinary.

Wildlife Watching in the Great Smoky Mountains 

The Great Smoky Mountains boast a rich array of fauna, making it an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. From the elusive black bear to the graceful white-tailed deer, the region teems with animals in their natural habitat. As you set out on your wildlife-watching journey, remember to maintain a safe distance and never feed or approach the animals. Carry binoculars for a close-up view without disturbing their natural behaviors.

After a fulfilling day of observing the area’s majestic creatures, consider retreating to a comfortable accommodation to rejuvenate. If you’re looking for the perfect accommodations, it’s best to book one of the luxurious mountain chalets. The cozy mountain cabins create a home atmosphere with spectacular views of forests and mountains, providing visitors with an amazing experience.

You will be awakened by birds singing and the smell of freshly brewed coffee on a veranda with a refreshing mountain. The cabins boast hot tubs, fireplaces, and fully equipped kitchens that could be used for relaxation to reenergize people.

Visit Dollywood

Are you looking for awesome outdoor fun at the Great Smoky Mountains? Visit Dollywood. It’s more than just an ordinary theme park.

First off, the rollercoasters themselves are so much fun. Lightning Rod is a must-try. You’ll feel that adrenaline rush like no other as you speed through the Smoky Mountain scenery.

However, for those who are music lovers, the shows here are out of this world. Do not fail to visit the Dreamland Drive-In for an amazing experience and lively music that will light up your every step throughout the day.

And let’s not forget about the food! The cinnamon bread at the Grist Mill is to die for. It is as good as a piece of paradise, and you have to taste it before leaving. There’s a whole range of Southern comfort food that’s just begging to be devoured.

Visit The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is definitely worth visiting if you love some epic outdoor adventure.

First things first, the hiking trails are perfect for all hiking enthusiasts. It means they have got something for everyone – whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned hiker. There are numerous other places to explore, such as Alum Cave Trail and Clingmans Dome; these are the iconic spots of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Likewise, the Smokies are packed with mesmerizing cascades. Laurel Falls and Rainbow Falls are Insta-worthy for sure. It is pure magic to imagine standing in front of such beauties.

To have the whole feel of the Smoky Mountains, one has to camp out. You can picture yourself sitting beside the campfire while the stars twinkle above, all while soaking up the beauty of nature and disconnecting from everyday life.

Autumn in the Smokies? It’s straight-up jaw-dropping. The fall foliage is a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and yellow, making your pics look like they came straight out of a magazine.

Be sure to make a trip to see Cades Cove on a drive. You’ll be surrounded by mountains, lush meadows, and historic sites – it’s like stepping back in time.

Visit Anakeesta

If you’re looking for a splendid time in the Great Smoky Mountains, you have to visit Anakeesta. It’s like this outdoor playground in the sky that’s totally off the hook.

First, the chairlift ride to get there is a thrill in itself. You will literally be floating through the air over the tops of trees and get to experience a mesmerizing view. It’s like a mini-adventure before the main event.

Another thing is a tree-top canopy walk where you will be walking through these swaying suspension bridges, and you might feel yourself in an Ewok village or something.

Plus, The Dueling Zipline – that would be the most heart-pumping part of the adventure. Flying over the trees, beat your friend, and feel like a superhero.

Additionally, it has a genuine mountain coaster. The speed is in your control, so if you really want to be on the fast lane, then do it. Well, if you would like to go slow and enjoy the scenery, that’s cool too.

Don’t miss the Firefly Village, with shopping, eateries, and the cool ambiance. Have some drinks and get a shopping experience while hanging out in a pleasant environment.

Ober Mountain

In order to have a complete winter outdoor adventure, visit Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg. The ski resort caters to all kinds of skiing abilities, whether beginners or professional skiers.

The site is set in the Great Smoky Mountains, with great views to allow for skiing in the midst of natural scenes and scenery. Besides skiing and snowboarding, there are also other alternatives, like snow tubing and ice skating.

However, the joy does not end with the thawing of the snow. Ober Mountain becomes an adventure park in the summer, where it offers attractions like mountain coasters, alpine slides, and scenic chairlift rides.

No matter what time of year you visit, Ober Mountain has something exciting for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors.


Overall, the Great Smoky Mountains are filled with so much to explore and discover. Whether it’s the mesmerizing beauty of the rolling hills or the striking views below the mountains, there’s something exciting always awaiting you and your family. Whether you’re embarking on a family adventure, seeking solitude in nature, or capturing stunning photographs, the Great Smoky Mountains will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. Don’t forget to pack sturdy shoes, plenty of water and snacks, extra clothing layers, and your camera. So, what’re you waiting for? Start exploring these popular attractions today because you won’t want to miss out on such an incredible outdoor adventure.

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