5 Important Things to Do When Moving to A New Place

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Whether you’re moving to have access to a better area, for a new job, or to be closer to family, packing up your life and moving to a whole new area can be overwhelming. Even as you look forward to a fresh start, the change can be immense and can come with a lot of stress. One of the biggest concerns is the move and figuring out how to make it as smooth and easy-going as possible. 

Packing up your whole life, from the biggest pieces to the smallest knick-knacks, is a painstaking process, and it’s only natural to have some anxiety about how you’ll manage. However, if you consider a few important factors, you can ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. 

If you don’t know where to start, keep reading below for a helpful guide on things to do when moving to a new place. 

Hire a moving company 

There’s a lot you can do yourself to make sure that your move goes by as smoothly as possible. However, none of that can compare to the ease of working with a professional moving company. No matter how hard you try, unfortunately, there will always be an element of stress and the chance of something going wrong when you’re trying to plan a move all by yourself. But when you have a professional moving company handling all the tough work, all you need to do is look forward to the move. 

Most people hesitate to hire a moving company because they believe it’ll be too costly. However, the safety and ease of mind that comes with a moving company can make this investment well worth it. 

If you’re currently in San Diego and are looking towards a cross-country move, hiring a long-distance mover is the best way to ensure your trip goes by as safely as possible. Since San Diego is a large city with various commercial services emerging every month, finding reliable service providers won’t be a hassle. A professional moving company can ensure that no matter what the distance is, your belongings are transported in the safest possible way. 

If you want to learn more about moving from San Diego, explore https://www.colemanallied.com/areas-served/san-diego-ca/long-distance-movers/ and get a free quote too. 

Transfer your utilities in advance 

It’s not just the moving process you need to figure out but also how you’ll settle in once you arrive. Settling in can take a few weeks, but if you prepare in advance, you can cut back on this time. One of the biggest reasons why settling in can be so time-consuming is that most people forget to transfer utilities and handle the basics until after they arrive. It can be incredibly challenging to adjust without a proper supply of electricity, gas, water, internet, and a running telephone connection. 

You must also consider services such as garbage, housekeeping, television network providers, and more to ensure you can settle in as soon as possible. If you’re shifting nearby, you can get your services transferred by the same provider. However, if you’re moving further away, you will have to contact new providers and get them to set up their services before your shift. 

Unpack wisely 

If you’ve moved before, you’ll know that the unpacking part can be just as chaotic, if not more than the shifting bit. When you’re shifting by yourself, you’re likely to have a ton of boxes and other items strewn all over your new home. If you unpack by randomly going through the first boxes you can get your hands on, you’ll have an even bigger mess on your hands. The smart way to unpack is by being incredibly organized and making sure you start with the essentials first. 

Toiletries, medicine, cooking items, and essential clothes should be the first items you unpack. Decorations, non-essential appliances, and other items you don’t need immediately can stay packed until you’ve set up the rest of the house. Doing so can help you reduce clutter around the home and ensure you can keep everything perfectly organized. While you’re at it, you can even transfer items you don’t need in the foreseeable future to a storage unit or donate them to a good cause. 

Gather all the supplies 

Before packing and preparing to move, you must ensure you have all your supplies ready. If you shove everything into some old boxes and bags lying around, you might be putting yourself at risk of big losses. To ensure that there are no mishaps along the journey, you want to ensure that everything is packed as securely as possible. Getting new boxes, bags, tape, and materials like bubble wrap is vital. 

Although all of these combined can be a lot to invest in, this one-time investment will pay off well. If you store the packing materials safely, you can also ensure you can use them for any future moves. If you want to save some bucks, you can ask neighbors or family members if they can spare any moving supplies. Moreover, you can also find moving supplies in garage sales or other online marketplaces. 

Survey the new place 

Before you bring in your family and belongings, you want to ensure everything in the new place is in order. Although you’ll have to arrange utilities and other services, several things must be handled by the previous owner or the landlord. These can include any repairs, cleaning, warranties, maintenance, and ensuring that everything agreed upon is in the house. 

Doing a thorough survey can include going over all the switches, taps, and other features, checking out the basement and the attic and checking the sewage system, roof, and lawn, to name a few. Doing so can help you identify if anything is still out of order and needs to be fixed and can help you ensure that you don’t have to deal with any additional inconveniences when you move in. 


Moving to a new place can be simultaneously stressful and exciting. There can be various things you need to consider if you want to ensure that the move is as smooth as possible. If you keep these factors in mind, you can ensure that the moving and settling in goes smoothly for you and your family. Plus, it’s best to seek the assistance of professional movers for long-distance moves since they possess the expertise in safely transferring your items and belongings to your new place. 

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