Why Fishing At Night Can Be Best

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When it comes to fishing, many people will only go at night when it is dark, and there are many reasons for this. If you are new to fishing and want to give yourself the best chance to catch a whopper or two, you may wish to consider getting up while it is dark and heading to your favorite fishing spot. Below are some of the reasons why night fishing is good and can increase your chances of a successful fishing trip. 

There Is No Sun

One thing about fishing is that it can mean sitting or standing around for long periods without much action, and if you do this during the day, it can get uncomfortable in the hot sun. When you fish after the sun has gone down, you do not need to worry about the sun, which also means there is no need for sunblock to protect your skin, or polarised sunglasses so you can see when it is bright. You can grab high quality GT popper lures and other fishing equipment and head out to enjoy your sport before the sun comes up, which gives you the rest of the day to enjoy.

The Fish Are More Active At Night

Many species of fish are more active at night and will come out to feed and swim about after the sun has gone down. It helps to protect them from predators, and although these can also be active at night, the lack of light can make it harder to see their prey. When fishing at night, it is best to do it when the moon is full and bright, as this will help the fish see your bait and increase your chances of a successful fishing trip.

For those eager to experience the thrill of night fishing in a rich aquatic environment, St. Petersburg fishing charters offer guided excursions that capitalize on these optimal conditions. With knowledgeable guides familiar with local waters, your night fishing adventure can be both exciting and rewarding.

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Solunar Theory for Fishing

Solunar theory for fishing suggests that the position and phases of the moon, along with the sun’s relationship with the Earth, influence fish activity. According to this theory, certain times of the day are more favorable for fishing due to increased fish movement and feeding behavior. These periods, known as solunar periods, are divided into major and minor phases. Major periods are considered the best times for fishing, while minor periods are still productive but to a lesser extent. Anglers often use solunar tables to plan their fishing trips, aiming to be on the water during peak activity times. While debated, many fishermen find solunar theory helpful in maximizing their chances of a successful catch.

Fewer People Fishing

Another benefit of fishing at night is there is going to be less competition as most anglers will be at home tucked up in their beds. With fewer people fishing, it also increases your chances of success, and you have more room to move about if you are not having success and try different areas of the pier, pond, river, or lake.

Piers Are Free At Night

If you enjoy fishing from the pier, then it is also an excellent time to go fishing at night as you will find that as soon as the bait shop closes, there is no charge to use the pier. The local game warden may still visit you at night after the bait shop closes, so you must have your license or permit in order before going fishing, to avoid potentially costly fines.

You May See Nature’s Nightly Light Show

You can also see another side of nature when you fish at night, and you will be able to notice the bio-luminescent creatures that you can see at night. Many animals in water are attracted to this food source, so it can also be an excellent indicator of where you should be fishing. You will only be able to see this during the night as it is not visible during the day, and it can increase your chances of catching a big one, instead of lamenting the one that got away.


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