5 Dog-Breeds That Are Perfect for the Active Family

If you have an active family, you can benefit from choosing an active dog breed for a variety of reasons. For example, you might participate in sports or have a vigorous exercise routine. Consider a dog breed that’s right for your family by reading on.


When you think of collies, images of Lassie and heroes might come to mind. Collies may be the perfect family dog for the reason that they love children of every age. Avoid extra upkeep with the short-coated variety or enjoy grooming their long coats regularly. Collies are often excitable, amiable, intelligent and determined.


When choosing a dog, you need to understand which size that fits you. Not every dog will fit your personality because dogs have their own unique personalities. Beagles are medium-sized which makes them easy to take anywhere. This dog breed is an awesome companion for any age.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are well-known for being a family dog. They have an easy smile, friendly nature and beautiful golden coat. He’s safe to be left indoors or let his head outside. This is a dog with a truly amazing personality.


If you’d rather have a more protective dog, you might want to consider looking for European Doberman puppies for sale. Just make sure you are able to hand a pet with a lot of energy! You will either need a big yard or time to take your dog for daily walks.


Boxers may sound like a tough breed, but the truth is that they get along spectacularly with children. Rather than fighting, boxers protect kids. Being excellent service dogs, they often help the blind or those who suffer from epilepsy. They’re highly intelligent and loyal. Your boxer will show his devotion to the whole family. Take him running, hiking or just for a walk.

Bernese Mountain Dog

While the Bernese Mountain Dog portrays a strong exterior, he’s a gentle giant. Despite her size and shaggy coat, she loves excursions outdoors. Her tender and affectionate nature make her a lovable addition to nearly any family. Bernese Mountain Dogs have been known to be heroes. One pulled his owner from a burning house, while another saved two people from being swept out by a California ocean current.

It’s highly important to choose the right dog breed so he or she always feels included. You might want to bring him on family outings to the park, play games that require a lot of energy or teach her complicated tricks. The more your pet fits into your family, the happier he’ll be.

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